Day: November 19, 2012

Israel is a terrorist state: Turkey PM

Express Tribune: ISTANBUL / DOHA: Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan described Israel on Monday as a “terrorist state” in carrying out its bombardment of Gaza, underlining hostility for Ankara’s former ally since relations between them collapsed in 2010. His comments came after nearly a week of Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel […]

Israel and Gaza: Then and Now

Source: Stratfor: Four years ago on Nov. 4, while Americans were going to the polls to elect a new president, Israeli infantry, tanks and bulldozers entered the Gaza Strip to dismantle an extensive tunnel network used by Hamas to smuggle in weapons. An already tenuous truce mediated by the Egyptian […]

Muslims aid Hindu temple construction in Bihar

Source: Punjab News Saturday, November, 17 2012 – 11:49 SITAMARHI: While violence over the expansion of a Hindu temple near Charminar in Muslim-dominated Hyderabad’s Old City is hogging media attention, in Bihar’s Sitamarhi district, Muslims have been quietly helping Hindus construct a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, ahead of the Chhath […]

Man refuses food over welfare cuts

Source: The Local: Ralph Boes, 54, has not eaten since November 1 and, he told the Stuttgarter Zeitung on Monday he would not stop his protest until his demands are heard. Until then the occasional cup of vegetable stock will have to do. Boes refuses to label his protest as […]

Gaza crisis has more to come

Source: Asiatimes: By Victor Kotsev On Sunday night, an Egyptian effort to establish a ceasefire between Israel and the Gaza militant factions reportedly collapsed. An Israeli ground invasion of the Gaza Strip loomed, after missiles landed near Tel Aviv for four days in a row – once near Jerusalem, even […]

Israeli minister vows Palestinian ‘holocaust’

Daily Telegraph: A senior Israeli politician provoked controversy today when he warned that Palestinians firing rockets from Gaza would be punished with a “bigger holocaust” from Israeli armed forces. The use of the Hebrew word for holocaust, “shoah”, tends to be used exclusively in Israel to describe the Nazi persecution of Jews. […]