Man refuses food over welfare cuts

Source: The Local:

Ralph Boes, 54, has not eaten since November 1 and, he told the Stuttgarter Zeitung on Monday he would not stop his protest until his demands are heard. Until then the occasional cup of vegetable stock will have to do.

Boes refuses to label his protest as a hunger strike, preferring the idea that the government has punished him with starvation. The job centre recently cut his monthly jobseeker’s payment to €37.50 – a tenth of what it was. It still pays his rent.


3 replies

  1. When visiting Washington DC once the taxi driver that took me from the airport to the Hotel was a Pakistani Immigrant Vet Doctor. (His father used to be Principal of Atkinson College). The porter in the Hotel was the son of a Bangladeshi Chief Justice.

    And the German is on hunger strike because he does not find a job as therapist…

  2. It is Euro 37.50 pm plus the rent. Germany is not cheap to have some accommodation for Euro 37.50. To me he deserves to be offerred a job of his profession. He is not immigrant or asylum seeker as you metnioned two cases of USA.

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