Day: November 8, 2012

جاپان میں عید الاضحی

جماعت احمدیہ جاپان کے مرکز احمدیہ سنٹر ناگویا میں عید الاضحی کا اجتماع منعقد ہوا۔اس موقع پرنیشنل صدر ومبلغ انچارج۔جاپان انیس احمد ندیم  نے احباب جماعت کو حضرت ابراھیم اور حضرت اسماعیل کے اسوہ کے مطابق قربانی کی سنت کو جاری رکھنے کی تحریک کی،نیز یہ کہ قربانیوں سے ہی ہمارے […]

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Nigeria Will Hold Religious Founders’ Day on Nov 17

Source: Press Release The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria holds its annual religious founder’s day to discuss religion and peaceful coexistence in Nigeria, under the theme: Social Security, National Peace and Sustainable Development- Religion As A Positive Agent. The event which  slated for  November 17th at the University of Lagos will attract leading Islamic […]

Ahmadiyya Mosque, Epernay France, Wall Chalked

Spokesman Jama’at Ahmadiyya Epernay, France. Thurseday, 8th November 2012. It was informed that Wednesday night a right wing organization: Bloc Identitaire of France chalked the walls of Ahmadiyya Mosque, Epernay France. They also placed some stickers, bearing slogans against Islam, burqa, mosques and foreigners etc.  Officials filed a report with national police, […]

In Indonesia, Shia blood is halal!

Source: LUBP As darkness hastily falls on the heart of Madura Island, uniquely shaped traditional wooden houses and hamlets begin to throw long shadows in an eastward direction. Traffic, which during the day is extremely light by Indonesian standards, is now ceasing entirely. Just a few noisy scooters remain on […]