Video: Freedom of Speech and Persecution of Ahmadies: PressPoint MTA discussion

UK: For an indepth coverage of contemporary issues and to hear the True voice of reason and Islam, see video below from MTA.


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  1. It was a nice program but it was not interactive with the viewers. I suggest more interaction in the other programs to follow.

    I also think that there were to many panelists. Eight in total. it is not possible to express on’s point of view adequately in such situations. I suggest that there be only 2 panelists in the studio and one only via skype.

    Make the point of human rights only. Then make the program one one issue only. For example dedicate one program to the movie “innocence of muslims” and discuss ways to educate the public about the responsibility attached to Freedom of expression.

    Likewise, another program may be arranged regarding persecution and violation of basic human rights in specific parts of the world.

    Dr. Boodhun/ Canada.

  2. Unfortunately, us guys in our part of the world (East Africa), can’t watch this programme as MTA switches to Turkish, French & German around 6.00-6.30 pm (E.A. time which is +3 GMT).

    There are so many such programmes that we cannot watch due to this switching and inconvenient times of airing (e.g. middle of the night).

    I wonder if it is at all possible to show repeats of them at a time we can also watch….?

  3. when it comes to problem solving and conveying the dignity and true teachings of Islam, Allahmdulillah Ahmadiyyat has no match on the face of the earth. That proves it’s true connection with God Almighty. Again Allhamdulillah.

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