British Radicals join Campaign Against Malala- Seek Fatwa for Apostacy

Daily Star: By Dominik Lemanski

BRITISH-based Muslim extremists want the schoolgirl shot by the Taliban to face a possible death sentence.

The radicals will head to the Pakistani capital of Islamabad to link up with hardliners for a demonstration urging a fatwa against Malala Yousafzai.

The 15-year-old campaigner was shot in the head after she called for girls to have the right to attend school.

UK-based Islamist Anjem Choudary has led the anger aimed at Malala who is recovering at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

Zealots claim she is an apostate, or traitor, to Islam because she wrote an online diary for BBC Urdu slamming the Taliban for denying girls the right to education.

The conference billed as “Sharia4Pakistan” is due to be held at Lal Masjid (mosque) in Islamabad on November 30 and will feature a video address from al-Muhajiroun founder Omar Bakri Mohammed, titled “Declaration of Fatwa on Malala Yousafzai”.


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  1. I simply do not understand the logic behind Abdul Alim’s post where he refers to Daily Star’s article: British Radicals join Campaign Against Malala- Seek Fatwa for Apostasy.
    There are three reason for not giving any prominence to such rubbish.
    1. Daily Star is a sensationalist boulevard newspaper which is not know for its serious journalism.Giving its story is adding benzine to fire
    2.Anjam Choudray is a highly class idiot without any support or backing among Muslims in Britain. Omar Bakri is even worst and was kicked out of UK for creating nuisance and living on well fare.
    3. I have seen no report or mention of such Fatwa arrangement in Lal Masjid in Islamabad Pakistan where I am at present on a family visit. Mind you Pakistan has a very lively media which never lets any such news go bye.
    I would appeal to Muslim Times to refrain from propaganda mongering. It hurts the cause of Ahmadis in Pakistan and abroad. You must set more serious goals in front of you.
    Kind regards

  2. Thanks you Mr. Quraishy for your kind advise for Muslim Times to set better goals. I hope that is what we are doing and that we take what you say seriously and make effort to improve.

    Your opinion of Anjam Choudry and Omar Bakri is your personal opinion. They represent a school of thought and a strain of thinking that seems to be gaining strength in the world (not sure what do you mean when you say they have no support or backing of Muslim in Britain- what is the basis of this statement- is this backed up by a opinion survey?). Whatever logic they have, they have it and it has to be contended with by another higher logic, which is more pursuasive and attractive, to nullify the impact. Just calling them them idiots does not really address the problem, does it?

    Unfortunately some of us do not fully understand the danger of such happenings. Yes it is picked up by sensational media, because it is not considered “serious” enough for “reliable” journalism. What we have seen repeatedly is that such news comes to be true after sometime when they have gathered enough followers and influence and get reported then by the “trusted” press. Usually it is too late by then for many people who should be alert and should be doing something about such things at the very start. Is it not known that there is a fatwa on her head by Taliban? Is it not logical that some people would like to build up pressure on her to leave UK? Do we deny the fact that this sort of effort is possible? If the answer is yes, then this, in my view (and the reason this was posted) is not sensationalism or propaganda mongering, just alerting to what is likely or could possibly happen. Rights activists should wake up and take notice before its too late. Treat this as an advance alert.

    About your comment as quoted” I have seen no report or mention of such Fatwa arrangement in Lal Masjid in Islamabad Pakistan where I am at present on a family visit. Mind you Pakistan has a very lively media which never lets any such news go bye”.

    Here For your information Lal Masjid event please see below.

    Just my views, look forward to your response and learning more from it.

    Kind regards

  3. Just wanted to also reiterate that I agree with you that parts of media are unreliable and are sensational. In this case, what is your advise as a seasoned journalist for novices like us?. Is there a website where media consumers can get a rating or understanding of a newspaper reliability? sort of quality check which allows consumers to judge whether to trust or not to trust to the source. Or is it pretty much left to experience, perceptions and eyeballing of the reader or blogger?
    Many thanks for your advise
    kind regards

  4. How safe is Malala going to be when she returns to Pakistan? After all, the Taliban have always maintained (since their failed attempt to kill her), that they would again try to murder her.

    Add to this the above news…..

    There are enough crackpots in Pakistan and when these ‘foreign’ ones also go there to add their own bit of insanity, what will happen…?!

  5. Dear Alim
    Thank you so much for your kind and reflective comment on British radicals and your request to furnish some practical information on media watching.
    When I am back in Copenhagen, I would certainly send you some of my articles on media and minorities, which are rather useful for those who wish to challenge the mainstream media. Please do send me an e-mail and remind me. My mail is:
    Coming back to Anjam Choudray and Omar Bakri, my comments are not my own opinions. I know many Muslim intellectuals and community leaders in UK and abroad, who share this view.
    The proof of their minimal support among Muslim communities is in the fact that they are still a very marginal group after two decades of British media hype. If the British media would not use them to malign Islam, no one would even know about them. The same is true about Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza and many more who are media made entities. Their strain of thought and thinking is not gaining ground because they are not thinkers or intellectuals but rebel rousing demagogues who misused the western freedom of speech. They pose no threat to anyone. If they did, believe me, the MI5 would have locked them and throw away the key.
    There have been many surveys – international and UK, which you can verify that majority of Muslims are law abiding peace loving citizens in Europe. Here is a link worth looking.
    Remind me and I would send you many more.
    Well you can not argue with these brain dead people. I have tried to reason with Hizb ut Tahrir and their likes. You have to expose them and tell the world that they are extremists and are a tiny tiny minority among 1.7 billion Muslims. That is my tactic. You may not agree with it but I find it useful to put a strong light on their ugly thinking. They have done an irreparable damage to Islam and I have no sympathy for these religious bigots.
    You have sent me a link to Lal Masjid event. I have checked it and I would not waste one minute worrying about such evil people getting together for spewing their poison about people like Quaid who are revered and loved. Just have a look at the information about contact number. It is a UK mobile. I have met many journalists in Pakistan today from English and Urdu media. No one have heard about this event.
    I have no problem you being alert but I do not want to see a storm in a tea cup. Please Alim, do not waste your energy on such misfits. You are mixing things by connecting Taliban with Anjam and Bakri. I am sure that no amount of pressure from extremists would force Malala to leave UK. She herself has expressed her wish to come back to Pakistan. So please be alert but not paranoid. Some times rumors are more damaging to the cause of peace than actual violence. I see that in Pakistani media who try to use Breaking News title if two people are hurt in a traffic accident or shot by gunmen.
    Anyhow, I have made my opinion known and I would always struggle for sensitivity and nuance in journalism

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