religious persecution

For Ahmadiyah in Indonesia, Persecution Remains Unaddressed

By Andreyka Natalegawa on  Jul 22, 2015 Residents in Bukit Duri, South Jakarta, hold up a sign saying they refuse to accept any activities carried out by the Ahmadiyah community. (Antara Photo/Akbar Nugroho Gumay) Jakarta. Members of the Ahmadiyah community in Indonesia continue to be discriminated against and religious leaders say a comprehensive, multi-pronged […]

Pakistan’s Original Sin

THE SOUTH ASIA CHANNEL Pakistan’s Original Sin BY USMAN AHMAD OCTOBER 13, 2014 The fields of Hampshire are usually associated with blazing crops of rapeseed and fragrant lavender. But on the final weekend of August, over 30,000 Ahmadi Muslims from all over the world converged on Oakland Farm in East […]

Global Religion and Isolationist Dialogue

Source: Patheos: As I read through various newspapers these last few weeks the news brought me this: Christian churches burned in India, with pastors and members terrorized by Hindu nationalists while the police did nothing. More threats by Arab and Iranian Muslims against Israel, with a backdrop of hatred for […]