Pakistan seventh most corrupt, top-most insecure nation, reveals survey

newstrackindia: Islamabad, Nov. 29 (ANI): Pakistan is the seventh most corrupt and the top-most insecure nation out of a total of 97 countries, according to the Washington-based World Justice Project (WJP), which recently released its 2012 Rule of Law Index.

Pakistan, as per the report, presents a dismal picture in the categories of human rights, civil and criminal justice, regulatory enforcement, check on government powers, regulatory enforcement and openness of the government, reports The News.

“Pakistan shows weaknesses in most dimensions when compared to its regional and income group peers. Low level of government accountability are compounded by the prevalence of corruption, a weak justice system, and a poor security situation, particularly related to terrorism and crime. The country scores more strongly on judicial independence and fairness in administrative proceedings,” the report stated.

The report says that the comparison of the index shows Pakistan scoring strongly on judicial independence and fairness in administrative proceedings.

Pakistan ranked 90 in Corruption, 97 in order and Security, 93 in Human Rights, 92 in Open Government, 91 in Civil Justice, 88 in Regulatory Enforcement, 80 in Criminal Justice, and 69 in Limited Government Powers.

The WJP Rule of Law Index is an assessment tool that offers a comprehensive picture of adherence to the rule of law. The 2012 report is the third in an annual series and includes, for the first time, a total of 97 countries and jurisdictions.


15 replies

  1. Dear Alim
    I have just come back from Pakistan after 3 weeks very successful and exiting trip.
    Just to tell you that after 10 years absence, I met a country with great strides, progress and multiple activities.
    Comparing what one reads and see in the western/Indian media, Pakistan turned out to be a beautiful surprise.
    Of course, there are huge socio-economical problems but so are many steps taken towards a bright future.
    While I was in Pakistan, I had many speaking engagements, radio and newspaper interviews as well as person to person chats with
    all types of people. People are very informed, full of enthusiasm and education is very much in demand.
    I shall try to write a longer article when I have more energy.Here are just two links.

  2. @Bashy. It all depends where you went to whom all you met. Not any body else but it is Pakistani media potraying the miserable security situation and plight of minorities. Rest what you say is all correct. I also visited including the neighbouring country. The sense of security, irrespective of the religious/political faction you belong, was most enjoyable thing in India. Try if you can strive to achieve it in Pakistan it will become the most beautiful country on this planet.

  3. Dear Zubair Khan
    Those who keep bashing Pakistan without ever taking into consideration the circumstances, the country was put into because of “War on Terror”, the invasion of Afghanistan by USA and NATO and interference by India and other non-friendly nations are mistaken.

    I understand that you look at Pakistan from a minority perspective and who can blame you for that. My argumnet is always that it is not the land or its people but the politicians who must be taken to account. I met many people with Ahmadiya background during my visit and none of them displayed any illwill towards Pakistan. They are proud Pakistanis and some of them are in the airforce too.
    Anyhow, since you feel safe in India then you should have asked the ordinary Muslim communities, the Dalits, the Christains or Naxelites. They will tell you another story.
    Pakistani media is as sensationalist as anyother media.They care for rating, money and publicity. I do not give too hoots to them. I witnessed people and the land myself and I liked what I saw. Sorry that it was not to your liking but that is the fact.

  4. Mr. Quraishy! Sorry to say this i have not seen retarded and idiotic person like you in my life, all of whose arguments are based on anti-India hatred. I mean, just remove anti-social words for Indians in your comments and it will look just fine. For years i have been keeping tab on far-right Hindus and can say that at least they have some sense of knowledge than ultra nationalists Pakistanis like you. See, i am an Indian and not a millionaire. I am just like any other Indian you will see travelling in trains, busses, metro. STOP your nonsensical crocodile tear based on idea of suffering of Indian Muslims. I will not mind of what you say of dalits, christians etc. but NOT ME. and not just me, but vast majority of Sunni and Shias of India too will not like your nonsense.

  5. I mean stand on your own feat without taking crutches of India or it’s Muslims. It’s fine that you have ultra-nationalistic feelings for your country. But why can’t you Pakis keep it based on some good thing than India phobia or lets say kafir phobia? Shame on you!

  6. Dear Bashy

    I dont want to turn this page into India vs Pakistan battle field. But since i lived in India for 28 years as a muslim I never ever had any of the so called problems or any sort of discrimination and i do not live in a muslim populated area. But I came to know about the “struggle” of Indian muslims and other minorities after coming out of the India and that too from a Pakistani person like you who never lived or visited India. How much of an irresponsible and myopic person can you be to say such things. You believing the Pakistani media about India is like believing a Nazzi report about Jews or a mullah’s speach against Ahmadiyath. Before posting such a low level comments try to do some research. I dont believe what India media says about Pakistan entirely. But when i speak to pakistani friends(even non-ahamdi friends)I have thanked my forefathers not to migrate our neighbouring country during partition because i have felt that there is more security in India than what i heard from these pakistani friends. I do not have any ill feeling for Pakistan or any other country and i am not trying to prove India is better than pakistan. But i do believe that there are problems everywhere in the world but saying such stupid comments about a country with out knowing any truth is just stupidity.

  7. Dear Mr. Haque
    Normally, I do not respond – plainly or in kind – to uncivilized and childish comments like yours. Vulgar words you have used for me reflect more of your way of thinking than being a nuanced and sober way of debating. I do hope that in future when you comment on my views or anyone else, please be civilized and follow the example of the Holy Prophet who never used indecent language even against his enemies.
    Coming back to your other comments, let me explain few elementary facts of our discussion.
    1. When I mentioned the Indian oppression of minorities, like Muslim communities, the Dalits, the Christains or Naxelites, it was to raise awareness among the editorial staff of the Muslim Times – Zubair Khan – who said in his post: “The sense of security, irrespective of the religious/political faction you belong, was most enjoyable thing in India”. Being a person, who works with human rights internationally, I am against discrimination, oppression and always raise my voice to defend minorities. During my trip to Pakistan, I also raised my voice in the media and public lectures on these issues.
    2. I am not anti-India or hate Indians. I am born in India and now the history of India very well. Many of my anti-racist colleagues in Europe are Indian, Bangla Deshis and of other nationalities. I am not a religious person and have the greatest respect for all religions. But I am also a realist and can see that India as a nation has never accepted Pakistan’s separation and Nehru and Gandhi are on record wishing that Pakistan will go back to mother India crawling. The Indian text books, their movies, songs and public debates are more anti-Pakistan than is the case in Pakistan against India. Even Indian human right activists like Arundhati Roy is very critical of India’s treatment of Muslims. Here is a link for your enlightenment.…37635.47553.5.47845.…0.0…1c.1.NfcqayPvXmc&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=5dd18c89676724ec&bpcl=39314241&biw=1085&bih=866
    If you or Muslim Times want to feel good in India, I am happy for both of you but it should not be on the cost of Pakistan bashing.
    3. The video you have posted of President Pervaiz Musharaf’s lecture and the question by the man who is Maulana Madani who is associated with Shahi Mosque of Delhi and a member of Indian Parliament and in both cases is on the government’s payroll. What do you think, he would say? Give Musharaf flowers in pointing out the miserable life many Indian Muslims have been living. You should also must have pondered on President Musharaf’s concluding remark to Maulana; “ If you are satisfied in your dire situation in Indian, I am happy for you”.
    4. It is amazing that you have no problem with the oppression of Dalits, Christians and Naxelites in India but refuse to acknowledge that Muslims are in the same boat. Ignorance seems to be a bliss. Having few Muslim Bollywood stars, politicians, composers, writers and sports Stars does not represent the true picture of Muslims in India. Here is a direct quotation from an Indian survey of 2011 for your information.
    “Muslims constitute the largest minority community with 14 per cent population of this country at the end of 2001 censusi. They are not only the largest minority community, but their presence is visible in all the states and union territories. Nonetheless, discrimination, social stagnation and educational marginalization have cumulatively resulted in growing economic
    backwardness of the Muslims in large parts of the country (Sikand, 2006). This largest minority community has been relegated to the lowest socio-economic stratum amongst all religious minorities in the post-independent India. More often the community has become the victim of pogrom in which innumerable Muslims are killed; their shops are burned, their women are beaten and raped and their property is destroyed and looted.
    International Refereed Research Journal ■ Vol.– II, Issue –4,Oct. 2011 [123]
    The second video of Geo where they have collected few examples of injustices in Pakistan does not prove anything to me. I have visited India and know Pakistan well. The economical situation of Pakistan cannot be compared with Indian Muslims. It is like comparing sun with moon. The most important aspect is that you live under a hostile majority and one day, you will come to feel it as Sikhs felt after Indra Gandhi’s murder or the riots against Muslims in Gujrat.
    Freedom can not be put a price tag on.
    Pakistan do not need any broken crutches of India and I do not call Hindus Kafir. That is your imagination.
    Anyhow, I have used some time to explain few issues. Hopefully, it will help you to be more enlightened.

  8. Dear Indian Muslim
    Since I have aleady answered in details to an other Indian Muslim, I do not see any reason to respond to you in deatil. Please read that first.
    But I would say one thing to enlighten you.
    1. I feel sad that often many Indians – Muslims or not – living in the west use derogatory and uncivilised language while disagreeing with some one who try to show them the light.They seem to lack arguments so they resort to vulgarity.
    2. Why do you asume that I have not been to India? I am born in India and have travelled in India.
    3. Where did I say that I believe Pakistani media. As a media monitoring researcher, I am very critical of all media and its populist discourse.
    4. While you claim to harbour no ill feeling towards Pakistan, your words tell another story. I do not care, where you live, who you are and what religion, you practice, just do not be childish in your expression. That is my only demand for any discussion. Do disagree but use logic, facts and dober tone. Being abusive only shows your lack of manner and not any willingness to exchange ideas.
    Kind regards

  9. Mr. Quraishy you might have valid points and might have good intentions towards Muslims of India. But unless you have an Indian passport, you have no right to speak on our behalf. If you have any concern with India or any of its authorities or the published article, you have full liberty to contact all of them. But you sound more like an ISI agent looking for recruits to carry out terror attacks against India.

    I will tell you much used formula for this.

    1) Convince Indian muslim youth that India is persecuting you and feed their minds with persecution complex.
    2) Express Islamic/Humanist solidarity with them, so that you appear like well wisher or messiah.
    3) When right time comes instigate them, give them money, ammunition and some other mercenaries so that the misguided youth commits treason against his motherland by doing terror attacks.

    In the aftermath of Gujarat anti-Muslim massacre, just within few months ISI and Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Muhammad terrorists came and recruited local Gujarati Muslims for terror attacks and some did unfortunately joined. So it becomes really difficult for us to trust Pakistanis, that too if we know them only by means of internet. So, simply put as we have no power on anyone. We will complain to none other than Allah(swt) for all those who torment us and hold intention for this, be they Hindu extremists or Pakistani supremacists.

    I will give you an oppurtunity so that we can trust each other and will agree to some of what you are saying. Instead of preaching me and other Indian Muslims or other Indians about our persecution, DO SOMETHING FOR US if you are honest from the core of your heart. There are hundreds of charities run by Hindus and Muslims for relief, rehabilitation of riot victims, Muslim orphans out of such violence. Donate something to them of your hard earned money. I will pray to Allah that he gives us strength to bear Pakistani ultra nationalists with patience, just like he gave us strength to bear with some other people you have been talking about.

    May Allah(swt) give all Indian Muslims strength to stay calm, so that our hearts do not become inflicted with arrogance by much debating and fighting against own brethren. Summa Aameen.


  10. @Quraishy. When some one closes its all senses to ground realities then none can help. I never looked Pakistan from minority perspective. Serving and remaining two decades with very high stature people like B Bhutto, Sh Rashid, Jahnagir Badar, Sherif brothers, Zia Ul Haq, Aslam Beg and so on one peeps in Pakistan from every angle. Recently when Bahar (India) CM visited Lahore, S brothers asked his secret of success. Simple reply was ensuring justice with all, no dishonesty and peace prevails in the state. So is my point also. Just ensure justice for all and peace in Pakistan all problems will be solved.

  11. whoever has done the survey should do it again. Because it maybe the first…. ):
    jokes apart, if this is the situation what horrible state would be of the number one unsafe country????
    It is unimaginable. Astaghfaar

    May Allah have mercy on the mankind. I mean we cannot come into terms with Pakistan’s present hellish condition and yet we are told it is better then some other six???
    May God have mercy on mankind.Amen and Amen again

  12. At times when people were deaf and dumb.. I mean there was no internet and fast meanings of communications one could be fooled. But now that we have the world on our finger tips everything that we hear can be verified and analysed. Hence we know how discriminative Pakistan’s and a Pakistani’s approach is.

    As a matter of fact Muslims as a whole have become grasped in the feel of being the “chosen ones of God” .Like at the times Jews were, very arrogant and proud, for being the chosen one of God.
    Likewise today’s Muslims drenched in pride look down at every other nation as inferior “Kafirs” hence think them to be a low specie that will fill hell.
    God only accept humble people. Pride has no place in His Sovereign rule.

  13. Oh I just read it again as I could not digest the news. Yes it says seventh in corruption and top most in insecure country. For the latter agreed.

    But as for the corruption I believe in such a place even corruption will have no match.

  14. This Maulana Zaid Hamid should mind his own business because his real concern should be the grave situation of his own people that are living on the edge of disater. His own house is on fire and he is talking about the heat of other’s house?.
    His words did not go with his face expression. He sounds so fake.

  15. Don’t be that harsh on Bashy Quraishy. It has been too uncivilized to go to that extent. Pakistanis need to concentrate on problems; as the report say, “Low level of government accountability are compounded by the prevalence of corruption, a weak justice system, and a poor security situation, particularly related to terrorism and crime.”

    Bashy Quraishy had very meaningful and understandable points but the hatred doesn’t allow most of us to digest these, say even little bit. The role of Indian politicians in case of Kashmir is known to the world and I reckon thee is no need to go into details. Even Indians know it in their heart of heart that they are on worng footing and same is true for India’s supporters who are after economic interests and the basic human rights of Kashmii people. The ongoing atrocities in Kashmir, the collective graves, the lies for the last so many decades of Nehru and his political followers, the inhuman behaviour to Kashmiri innocent youth and ladies is unforgivable. Similarly India created problems for Paskistan at each and every step in the early times of Independance, in East Pakistan, Junagarh and Manawadar , Hyderabad Dakkan, Rajisthan and Kargil etc. Why Indians are after ISI once their RAW do the same? The discussion was of Muslims’ basic rights in India and you know it better or the Muslims living in India. It is none of our business.

    Just be fair while blaming Pakistan for the present situation; external factors must be not ignored apart from the internal weaknesses. Pakistan is a country that will appear as a strong nation despite its present bad situation. The Sectarianism turned into Terrorism supported by West, India and Afghnistan has some problems and it will be overcome. But denoying the importance of Pakistan in the region or say not-accepting Pakistan is the fundamental thing and Pakistanis deserve that respect from the neighbour they can’t change. Strong Pakistan is in favour of the region and the world as a whole. It is time to help Pakistan before India gets its turn. So one needs to be carefulö while blaming Pakistan in these difficult times. The repeat of East Pakistan drama in Baluchistan will cause heavy for everyone living on this planet.

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