Islamic Dream Interpretations: Seeing a Snake in a dream

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Snakes — A snake symbolises a perbond arch enemy. The greater the snake the greater the enemy. Dream


Incident – Walking Over Snakes — A man bought a farmland. One night, he saw his nephew in his farm walking over snakes. In the morning, he asked a dream interpreter about it, and the latter replied: “If your dream is true, the land you bought is fertile, and whatever you plant therein will come to life.” Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

Incident – a bag filled with Snakes and Scorpions — A person related his dream to Ibn Sirin (RA) saying that he had seen himself carrying a bag filled with snakes and scorpions. The Imaam interpreted the dream saying that he had one something as to cause the wicked people to hate him. He said: “Yes, I have been appointed by the Sultan to collect taxes from the Arabs. This has caused them to hate me”. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

Snake — Black snakes and pythons in a dream represent army generals. Water snakes in a dream represent money. If one sees his garden covered with snakes in a dream, it means that its trees will bear fruits and exceed the normal crop. A snake coming out of its hole in a dream represents a son. A snake leaving one’s house in a dream means its destruction or demolition. Killing a snake in a dream means marriage. Tapeworms or other intestinal worms in a dream represent one’s relatives and their children. Seeing snakes eating on one’s table in a dream means separation between friends. Desert snakes in a dream represent highway robbers. In general a snake or a serpent in a dream represent jealousy, envy, perfidy, swindling people’s properties, deceit and an avowed enmity. (Also see Belt; Sting) Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

Snake — Killing a snake in a dream and staining one’s hands with its blood means destroying one’s enemy. A snake in one’s dream also represents a rich enemy, for its poison means money. If one sees snakes being killed in the streets in a dream, it means a war. A small snake in a dream represents a little child. Hunting snakes in a dream means tricking or deceiving one’s enemies. A black snake in a dream represents a strong enemy. A white snake in a dream represents a weak enemy. If one sees a snake talking to him and saying nice words to him in a dream, it means enjoying pleasant moments with one’s adversary, or benefiting at the hands of one’s enemy. If the snake talks harshly to him in a dream, it means suffering from tyranny and oppression caused by one’s enemy. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

Snake — Becoming a snake in a dream means being contemptible against one’s own religion. Seeing oneself as a half-snake half-human in a dream means being able to neutralize half of the enemy’s power. Discovering a snake skin which is made from gold in a dream means that one will discover a hidden treasure. If a snake swallows someone in a dream, it means that he will reach a powerful position. If one sees a snake sitting over his head in a dream, it means that he will earn the respect of people in authority. A field which is covered with snakes in a dream represents a destructive rain. A snake with a horn in a dream represents a profitable business. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

Snake — (Boy; Contemptible person; Enemy; Hidden treasure; Idolatry; Innovators; Power; Unjust ruler; Woman) A snake in dream represents a person who lives in a valley. A snake in a dream also means enmity from one’s in-laws or children, or it could represent the evil and jealousy of one’s neighbor. A sleeping snake in a dream means a sleeping enemy. As for an unjust person, a water snake in a dream means receiving help, or it could represent a verdict. Owning a snake in a dream means gaining power and authority. Its flesh represents enemy money, or it could mean joy. If one sees himself wearing the skin of a snake in a dream, it means that he will unmask his enmity toward others.


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  1. Last night my wife saw a big snake in suffering in front of her leg when she was sleeping. That snake was suffering in pain or something and rolling over one side & other side. What does that mean?? Please let me know.

    • I do not qualify as a ‘dream interpreter’, therefore I am more or less just guessing: as a snake’s most usual meaning is ‘enemy’ when the snake is weak or sick could mean that any possible enemy is weak = no danger. But, as I said, I am not really qualified in this matter. I would suggest to give Sadaqa and make dua … May Allah be our protector at all times.

      • Salamu Alaikum Father! My name is Aali Dawuda i m in here searching to find some horrible dream i sometimes face in my entire life in a dream. Alhamdullillai when i read about the dream interpretation i now understood about how dream twist the mind and searching for it meaning and Praying to Allah is the perfect solution in Your Deen.moreover i met your noble picture with a beautiful name and may accept our Deen hoping to tell You my problems i m facing oversea Africa regarding financial issues.InshAllah im a Muslim and i found You as Fellow Muslim,and Allah says,Tell your father mother family and your fellow Muslim your problem and if the that person is Mum min InshAllah my problems regarding my financial helper well be earn from that humble servant of Allah.MashAllah i knew Allah brought Me in here to meet with you and tell You My problem as my Daddy.InshAllah I well give You my number +233242757279 and i hope to here from You Noble Rafiq A. Tschannen..

  2. I saw in my dream that there were few snakes in house , I caught one and gave it to my mom’s to throw but it slipped through her hand and fell on me but it didn’t harm me , one more snake went beneath my back when I was lying on bed……please tell me what does it mean?

    • I am not qualified to interpret dreams. Still, as the snakes did not harm you (just scare you) there should be no danger. Please give Sadaqa and pray ….

  3. I dreamt that I was with one of my bestfriends and ( I can’t remember the dream very well ) at the end I killed a rabbit( but I think it as like a toy looking one ) and then the blood splashed and it was written with the blood “the end “

  4. I saw a dream
    3-4 snakes in front of my house door,they were joint together after some time one of snake separate and just rolling over,it seems he got some pain or problem and in the middle got swallowed,after cpl of rolls got normal,later on gave birth alot of small snakes,I called my son come and look at them,all were in a row,once I counted it was 11 in number,

  5. I saw a dream about a black snake who was killed and cute in 3 pices. at the begging there was a girl older woman more lik a scientist that was looking for this snake. she said the snake isn’t there where it was supposed to be, but over there and when she told us I saw that the snake was besides me. I was on a bus and looked down then I screamed of fear and saw that the long black snake was cutet in 3 pieces. This is my second dream of snake in the space of two weeks. Can u please help me find out the reason or the meaning of this dream.

  6. I wanted to ask you if you can interpret the meaning of my dream.
    Also that was the first day I had bath at late night (2:00AM), As, early morning I have to go out of station for my research work purpose, but I didn’t wake up at correct time. So I didn’t go.
    I usually Never gets dream but yesterday I got a dream that I climbed to the tree to overcome a danger happening on the ground(like army patroling). then a senior of me comes and ask why didn’t I come and threw stones on the patroling vehicle, I give him excuse that I got some injury on my leg,then I see that happened in reality. As I come back and see that in my right legs ankle there are few worms(grey colour of size 4 cm approx) I pulls one out, again one more,,then I can see another 2 I push it and takes out…
    After that I can see the larvae of the same worm’s (red in colour with 2 long barbels) inside. I catch there barbels and pulls it out.

    • I am sorry that actually I am not qualified to interpret this dream. Anyway, please give Sadaqat and make due … never wrong.

    • Of course Prophets could interpret dreams. Our learned people too our Khalifas too. In my correspondence I have many of my dreams interpreted by Khalifatul Masih IV.

  7. I saw a snake coming out if a jungle and landing on the bed where I was lying , my mom was praying and I got up and left the room !

  8. I saw a dream in which i was holding my child and taking the broken class of his hand with some blood with the help of my sister in law and there comes one cousin of mine putting a black snake in my goes off to another room and the cousin too in it closes the room.i call him out whilst the snake is still inside then i wake my another cousin for fajr salah.please could you tell me what is it

    • sorry that I am not a qualified dream interpreter. Please give ‘sadaqat’ and pray. There may be danger around, but the snake did not harm you, therefore Inshallah you will be ok. But, as I said, please pray and give sadaqat…

  9. I saw in my dream a snake. at first it was wrapped around my right hand, a thick and average size snake. i was screaming for my father for help. when he comes to rescue, the snake is under my skin of the right hand, slowly creeping forward. Father pulls it out, and the snake is thin, short and orange. What does that mean? anyone can tell me please.

    • Again I am sorry to say that I am not qualified as a dream interpreter. Anyone who might be, please respond. In any case: A snake may mean an enemy. The snake did not bite you therefore most likely you will be save from it. Please give Sadaqa and pray …

  10. I saw few snakes, yellowish/brownish , and a pink one. All of them tangled. I walked over them and they went inside my clothes, stick to my body. The pink one seemed to bite me and i grabbed it open his mouth, and place something in its mouth to block his mouth, the sankes struggles but i control it from the head and i consistently ask my friend to destroy the snake and while squeshing it head while i hold it, it still bite my fingers minorly. All the snakes are baby snakes. Only the pink bite me. Then i woke up. I read Aaozobillah and kalima, ayat ul kursi, and daroord sharif.
    What’s the meaning of all this, what should i be doing? What are the precautions?

  11. I have a question, My wife had this dream last night. She dreamt that a “Snake that wasn’t big/Fat, but wasn’t skinny was on my (Right foot), now she went to grab the snake and move it away from me, but It wrapped itself around my leg”, the snake was “Green In color, It didn’t attack her, and she wasn’t afraid of it”, but the snake felt relaxed on my leg, In the dream she (Clearly sees me, and I’m peacefully sleeping and not bothered by It), now my question is what does this mean (As I searched high and low but no answer), also, why was she having such a dream about me?

  12. I have a question, My wife had this dream last night. She dreamt that a “Snake that wasn’t big/Fat, but wasn’t skinny was on my (Right foot), now she went to grab the snake and move it away from me, but It wrapped itself around my leg”, the snake was “Green In color, It didn’t attack her, and she wasn’t afraid of it”, but the snake felt relaxed on my leg, In the dream she (Clearly sees me, and I’m peacefully sleeping and not bothered by It), now my question is what does this mean (As I searched high and low but no answer), also, why was she having such a dream about me?

  13. On 15th March 2019 this article received a ‘high hit’ of 464. What is happening that so many people dream of snakes these days? May Allah protect us all and guide us all!

    • Sorry, I am not really qualified to answer this (professionally). However, if snakes mean enemies small snakes mean small enemies and you kill them that would mean that you are victorious. In any case: give sadaqa and pray for Allah’s protection and blessings.

  14. Hi Sir,

    I saw too many snakes in my dreams they were Crawling on the sky. It is the second time that I have seen the same dream

  15. I also saw a weird dream. I was at home with my cousin and she keep discovering dead snakes under bushes, at the back door,back yard etc etc. I was so shocked bout the discoverage. I remembered eating dead snake meat in my dream and feeling guilty, and so i ask my cousin to throw all these dead snakes away. She replied saying sth along the line “we shouldnt throw food, we didnt have anything to eat for several days” I remember watching the colourful dead snake’s skin, and just overall feeling uncomfortable with it in my dreams.

  16. Hey Rafiq,

    I am a Dream Interpreter and a Snake Dream Interpretation Expert.

    I see you have a great Article, but more is needed!

    If you want I can write a Guest Post for you on Snake Dream Interpretation.

    Hope for Positive Reply


  17. Revealing Dreams of Scientists

    By Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Radiation Oncologist

    Imagine a world in which medicine lacks the sophistication of advanced chemical structures, tailors rely solely on their hands to fashion clothes, or space travel is simply a figment of our imagination. Had it not been for revelation through dreams, civilization today might still be centuries behind in its scientific and socioeconomic advancements. Throughout history, dreams are an integral part of the engine of discovery, leading to many breakthroughs that have advanced our
    world for the better.

    In order to better understand the impact of dreams on the advancement of scientific knowledge, it is first essential to define the types of knowledge that exist. First, there is the knowledge that is obtained through sense-perception is called posteriori or empirical knowledge. Second, rationalists believe that true knowledge can only be discovered a priori, or through deductive reasoning and logic, processes that are hardwired in the human brain and independent of sensory experience. “Both a priori knowledge, such as reason, intuition and logic, and a posteriori, or empirical knowledge, are necessary for man to construct an understanding of life and the universe. Mystical experience is necessary to reveal the inner nature of things while science is necessary for modern life.(1)

    As we uncover the essence of these two types of knowledge, it is apparent that beneath them lies the concept of revelation, which is defined as “A: an act of revealing or communicating divine truth. B:something that is revealed by God to humans.(2)” And in understanding the impact that revelation has on scientificc advancement, science itself is defined as the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. (1)

    In his masterpiece book, “Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge, and Truth,” Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, (rh) sheds light on the definition and nature of revelation and writes: “People who believe in revelation differ in their understanding of its nature.… If we widen the scope of our study, we observe that many authentic cases of revelation are also reported outside the domain of religion. For instance, there are many interesting cases of highly complex information conveyed through revelation to some scientists. (3)”

    Read the article further on page 39 and send us feedback: Muslim Sunrise Winter 2018 Volume.

    • see Sorry, it is difficult for us ordinary people to interpret all dreams. Just give sadaqa and pray to Allah. May be the dream is good, because green is a good color in a dream.

  18. salam, i have seen a big snake trying to eat me however I screamed for help my parents came and killed the snake and ate it. could anyone let me know what it means? thank you

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