Day: November 13, 2017

Ahmadiyya Presents in Croatian National Book Fair (Interliber) Islam and Human Rights book written  by Muhammad Zafrullah Khan.

By Zubair K Khan On 11th November at 13.00 hours started the presentation of the book titled, Islam and Human Rights, written by Muhammad Zafarullah Khan Sahib, former President of the United Nations  General Assembly and of International Court of Justice. A Croatian Ahmadi Muslim Mr Sead Mulabegovic who studied law […]

Saudi Official: Saudi AG reveals corruption close to $100 billion, 7 suspects released without charge

ARAB NEWS | Published — Thursday 9 November 2017  JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia has uncovered corruption to the tune of $100 billion. In a statement on Thursday, Attorney General Saud Al-Mojeb said: “The investigations of the Supreme Anti-Corruption Committee are proceeding quickly … The potential scale of corrupt practices which have […]