LGBT campaigners welcome Church of England guidance for schools

Source: The Guardian
LGBT charities and campaigners have welcomed the Church of England’s new guidance for schools urging them to refrain from making pupils conform to gender stereotypes.

The updated guidance for the church’s 4,700 schools, titled Valuing All God’s Children, and timed to coincide with anti-bullying week, followed advice issued three years ago that covered homophobic bullying. It has now been expanded to include transphobic and biphobic bullying.
The guidance met with outrage in some quarters, drawing sceptical newspaper headlines and furious commentary from some conservatives. But human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell said the guidance was “big progress for a church that traditionally and historically has been hostile to LGBT rights”.

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2 replies

  1. Progressive Muslim around the world support the right of LGBT, we are all sinner, do not judge others.

    I want to know that where Ahmadiyyah stand for LGBT?
    Do you support the right of LGBT or No?
    Please let us know, thank you.

    • I am not an Ahmadiyya Muslim Mufti: Just my personal opinion: ‘The right of LGBT’. Same sex marriage? Nonsense. Since the beginning of time a marriage was between men and women. Let the LGBT use another term. If you like my suggestion: Instead of ‘MarriAGE’ what about ‘SodomAGE’? LGBT people in our mosques? Of course, they are all welcome and I know some are regulars there, but there is no need to put a LGBT label on their forehead. They are equal worshippers to all others, what each one of us does in our bedrooms is between us and Allah.

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