Day: November 26, 2017

New Punjab Textbooks –

Textbooks – kudos to Punjab Pervez HoodbhoyUpdated November 25, 2017 The writer teaches physics in Lahore and Islamabad. MANY think that our education rot is irreversible. Among countless other problems one stands out — school textbooks written and produced in Pakistan. These are probably the world’s worst. For decades, children have […]

Textbooks – kudos to Punjab

Source: Dawn There’s now a ray of hope. Last week, two towering piles of books from the Punjab Textbook Board somehow found their way onto my desk. Many bear the imprimatur ‘Punjab Chief Minister’s Programme for Education Reforms’ stamped upon their front cover. This immediately sent to me a negative […]


Source: Dawn And for three weeks, we watched as the fringe dragged itself to the centre and raised itself into a miasma that has engulfed us all. It wasn’t particularly surprising. There is effectively no government. And definitely no one who could handle this situation. Civilian government or military dictator, […]