Ahmadi mosques on guard over death threats from Muslims

Source: The Sunday Times

A minority Islamic sect has introduced airport-style security at its mosques in Britain to screen worshippers for knives and firearms after receiving death threats from other Muslims around the country.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK (AMC), which represents about 30,000 Ahmadis, has brought in walk-through metal detectors, identity checks and bag searches at its prayer centres after threats were made on the life of its leader, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, and other group members.

The Metropolitan police are understood to be investigating threats from British Muslims against the community.

Ahmadis, who make up 1% of the UK’s 3m followers of Islam, have been persecuted for years, especially in Pakistan, because they believe Muhammad was not the last Muslim prophet. Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims see that…

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  1. I support 100 percent for protecting every Sufi, Shiah and Ahmadiyyah mosque around the world for save people’s life. The extremist Muslim can attack sny time and sny where.therefore every Peaceful Muslim has obligation to report to the police if you know there us a extremist cleric or his follower around you.
    They wear the sheep’s cloth but he is wolf.

    The sign or characteristic feature of extremist Islam as following:
    1. The main goal is to create or establish Syariah state where Quran and Hadith as the state of constitution. The Extremist Clerics is aganist the system democratic Seculare and against Human Right.

    2. The extremist Clerics forbid Sufi, Ahmadiyya’s existance. They accuse sufi, Ahmadiyyah Heresy / blasphemer / non Islam.

    3. The extremist Muslim hate and hostile toward Christian, Jews and other beliefs

    4. The extremist Clerics impose women to wear hijab or burqa, impose male to grow beard etc
    5, The extremist Clerics impose close all restaurant and shops in Friday. Impose muslim to pray shalat jumaat.
    6, The extremist Clerics impose people NOT join celebrating other religion such as: Thank giving day, Christmas, and others event that prophet did not do it.

    7. The extremist Clerics want to create all activities everyday life using the Islamic label such as:
    — Syariah school— Syariah Bank—Shariah dress—syariah grocery store— Halal Food—halal drink—halal cosmetic— Halal restaurant—-Halah Hambarger— Halal Macdonald etc.

    The main goal of using the Islamic label is to eliminate the non Muslim product, in other words to boycott Jews and Christians product and employee.

    Because the extremist Clerics is so hate Jews, and Christian since early times of prophet Muhammad pbuh.
    So the extremist Muslim are showing the hate / bad image of Islam to others.

    The educated Muslim such as progressive Muslim, Sufi, Ahmadiyyah who live in advance countries hopefully can defeat the extremist ideology endlessly and speak up loudly.

    Otherwise they will come after us and defeat the peacefull Muslim and non Muslim as well on the ground like in : All Islamic countries.
    May Allah protect us from the evil extremist Muslim.
    With ❤️
    WATCH THIS VIDEO PAKISTAN: The extremist clerics deceive his followers to hostile toward Sufi, Ahmadiyyah, Shia and Christians, etc. look at tgeir faces showing hatred and evil face—- NO LOVE AT ALL!

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