‘Step in the Wrong Direction.’ White House Condemns Pakistan’s Release of Militant Suspect

Source: Time

By Associated Press

November 25, 2017

(WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.) — The White House is calling the release of a U.S.-wanted militant by Pakistan a “step in the wrong direction” for U.S.-Pakistan relations and says a refusal to re-arrest him would have serious repercussions for bilateral ties and Pakistan’s reputation.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement the U.S. “strongly condemns” the release of Hafiz Saeed from house arrest. She’s calling for his “immediate re-arrest and prosecution.”

Sanders says the release “sends a deeply troubling message” about Pakistan’s commitment to combatting terrorism.

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  1. As we know that most political are afraid of the extremist Muslim. The extremist Muslim threathen death to those who against the extremist ideology.

    Political Muslim leaders are afraid of losing voters next year election etc

    The best solution to defeat the extremist Islamic ideology is those who reject Human Right will be punished and put in Jail. Human Right is the land of law. Freedom of religion and those who reject Sufi Muslim, Ahnadiyyah Muslim have to be punished.

    I believe that Pakistan will be state of terrorist soon as North Korea.

    With ❤️

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