Dr Syed Basharat Ahmed Shah, member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Germany Honored.

Source: Kashmir Life and Ahmadiyya Bulletin Germany via Mr Haider Ali Zafar.


Dr Syed Basharat Ahmad Shah


By Zubair Khan

Dr Syed Basharat Ahmed Shah from Bijbehra, now settled in Bonn, Germany, has been honoured with the membership/diplomat ship of Royal College of Veterinary surgeons, United Kingdom. Shah, a scientific consultant working for an Austria company has presented his work at different conference in Canada, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherland and Austria. The distinction was awarded to him on 04.09.2012 in Belgravia House London. RCVS is a Statuary Body which was established by Queen under Royal Charter and regulates this profession.

Dr Shah is currently member of more than 9 scientific institutions of International reputation. In 2004 he was also awarded IAAVR Award by Indian authorities. He belongs to respectable Kahsmiri Ahmadi Muslim family. His grandfather Saifullah Shah (ra) was the companion of Promised Messiah (as). His father Syed Muhammad Shah Saifi was also highly educated and respected personality of Kashmir. In his personality one can see the fulfillment of prophecy of Promised Messiah (as)  “members of my sect will achieve extreme distinction in knowledge and closeness to God. Dr Shah has also the honour of serving Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Germany both at local, regional and national level. Team of Muslim Time presents ( Mobarak) congratulations to him on this achievement.

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Srinagar, Sep 13: In a self-achieving landmark, a Bonn based Kashmiri consultant has been honored with the prestigious membership/diplomatship of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, United Kingdom earlier this month.
Dr. Syed Basharat Ahmad Shah, hailing from south Kashmir’s Bijbehara town, has been honored with the membership of RCVS at an oath-taking ceremony on September 4 at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Belgravia House London.
“It was an honour to represent motherland Kashmir there. It was a dream come true for me to become an MRCVS,” Dr Basharat wrote to Greater Kashmir, through an email.
Dr Basharat has presented his scientific work at different conferences in Canada, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands and Austria.
Dr Basharat is based at Bonn, Germany working as a scientific consultant for an Austrian company.



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  1. Dr Basharat is my old friend. We came to know in 1991 in Qadian, where he was awarded a scholarship by late Hazrat Khalifatul Masih the iv for Ph.D. in Germany. He joined the Bonn University for his Doctrate and worked very hard. Initially he faced some difficulties in settling down because of his ailing mother and other family problems but with his perseverence and skill he overcame all these hurdles. He was appointed our Regional Amir(NRW) and lead the Jamaat very well for about 8 years and as our local Amir he was as good as Regional Amir. Despite my weaknesses he respects me as his elder brother and I treat him more than (my) younger brother. This news is as good as my personal success. May Allah bless him with many more sucesses in life.Heartiest congratulation DR Basharat and tank you brother Zubair Khalil for breaking this news.

  2. Congratulations! I am very Proud of you and also proud for what you have achieved! Tariq Arshad Aachen

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