Day: December 17, 2012

Muslims seek gay marriage exemption

Tuesday, 18 December 2012 Muslim Council of Britain said the gay marriage law should provide the same exemptions to all religions The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), with more than 500 affiliated mosques, charities and schools, said it was “appalled” by “utterly discriminatory” legislation on gay marriage set out by […]

As Muslims we will show love for Jesus

Source: Leister Mercury Ahmadiyya Muslim Community wishes all the people of Leicestershire and Rutland a merry Christmas and happy new year. Although we may not put up stockings and Christmas lights in our houses during the holiday season, make no mistake, as members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, we celebrate […]

Finucane, Sami al-Saadi and Khaled el-Musri: will we once again just ‘move on’ from the murky conduct of MI6 and the CIA?

Torture, rendition, sodomy: with ‘protectors’ like these, who needs ex-friends? by Robert Fisk, The Independent Last week was a bad week for our Protectors. It kicked off with the shameful details of the De Silva report, which concluded that the Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane had been murdered with British state […]

Will it change?

Daily Times: Fawad Aslam. I stood by the statue of Ibn Rushd in Cordoba erected to honour this great Islamic polymath. Then I remembered the grave of our very own Dr Abdus Salam The year is 1492, the year of the discovery of America, the year when Granada, the last […]