Safeguarding the will of the people: Denying Pakistani Ahmadi Muslims Right to Vote: A Real Test for Fakhruddin Ibrahim?

Daily Times: by Mohammad Ahmad: If there are Muslims elected to the US Congress or the UK House of Commons, why cannot a Christian or a Hindu be elected to a general seat in our assemblies?

Elections are a representation of the will of the people and form the basis of constitutional government in any democratic country. Countries where elections are fair and the will of the people is allowed to be implemented get stability, as the people who are the real stakeholders are behind their government of choice. In the context of Pakistan, the elections of 1970 are generally considered to be the fairest of all and representing the will of the people. Unfortunately, the will of the people was not implemented and resultantly, we got Bangladesh. All subsequent elections are fairly commented upon as being rigged in varying degrees and therefore not representing the true will of the people. At times, interference did not allow the winning party the numbers they would have achieved in order to bind their hands in matters of real significance, and at times, the party that should have won was denied outright its right through doctored tabulation. The rigging that comprised of pre-poll, election day and post-poll actions is a subject of various reports and analyses by a number of research groups.


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