Day: December 1, 2012

Human Hand in Sacred Texts

Huff Post: Joshua Stanton. Whether our religious texts were created by God or by an unending line of thinkers who stitched their earliest forms, it is the human hand that often makes evident the sacredness within them. The word “sacred” is applied so ubiquitously that its meaning is seldom consistent, […]

Jinnah and secularism

Daily Times: Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed. Jinnah never wanted to create an Islamic state based on dogmatic Sharia. So, what did he really want Pakistan to be? Once Pakistan came into being, Jinnah wanted Pakistan to be a modern, tolerant state. He attended Mass on Christmas Eve in 1947 in Karachi’s […]

Victory of religious control

Daily Times: Saad Hafiz. A clear unified lobby who are strong proponents of religious domination, and who provoke attacks on those who value their own autonomy and political choice, are in the driver’s seat The unequal battle between the depleting ranks of secularists and the growing band of Islamists in […]

Indonesian Ahmadiyah Under Attack

Written by KBR68H Recently an Ahmadi couple were denied permission to get married by the Religious Affairs Office in Indonesia’s West Java province, unless they agreed to convert to mainstream Islam. And last week, a blood donor event held by a group of Ahmadiyah in the same province was stopped […]

Best Places to Be Born in 2013

Though America may be the “land of opportunity,” Switzerland will be the best place to be born in 2013 according to a quality-of-life index from the Economist Intelligence Unit. The EIU, a sister company to The Economist magazine, determines quality of life based on surveys of the population covering 11 […]