Kunduz, an Afghan – German Tragedy

by Jürgen Todenhöfer on Friday, 30 November 2012 at 20:36 ·

On 4 September 2009 the German colonel Klein permitted the bombing of two hijacked fuel tankers. They were stuck in the Kunduz River. Hundreds of people stood at the time around the trucks in order to get hold of some gasoline with their tin cans.

Five Taliban and 132 civilians died. Including 36 children. 163 children lost their fathers or breadwinners. The German Federal Government classified the attack, which is one of the largest massacres of the Afghanistan war, now as “militarily inappropriate”. Lawful states try to make amends whenever possible after they unlawfully inflicted suffering. The German Federal Government has not done so to this day. It has only let one part of the victims’ families get a “help” of $ 5,000. The family of a German soldier killed receives 100,000 euros. To date, the federal government has not asked the victims’ families for forgiveness. Not a single member of the Federal Government has ever visited Kunduz. Instead, Colonel Klein is now a general. This goes against all ethical standards of our country.

I founded the Foundation for Stardust and have built in Kabul for 30 of these orphans a home where the children will live during their education. I know that this is just a drop in the bucket.

I therefore expect the German Federal Government to finally send a member of the government to Kunduz to the victims families to give them a chance to talk together. I expect also that she apologizes to the families. And that it at least makes the material damage good again. 5000 Euro are an insult to all Afghans.

I urge the German Federal Government to reverse the promotion Colonel Klein, Or that Colonel Klein voluntarily waives his promotion. I would not presume to judge the misperceptions of Colonel Klein. But it is not acceptable that a German officer who kills over one hundred innocent people, is then promoted to General.

Yours Juergen Todenhoefer

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  1. The difference between Dr. Todenhoefer and the rest of us is that Dr. Todenhoefer and us protest, however, Dr. Todenhoefer also does something about it: He built an orphanage in Kabul! May Allah reward him greatly.

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