Day: December 16, 2012

Human Rights Risk Atlas 2013: Maplecroft Releases Annual Ranking Of Countries At Risk Of Human Rights Violations (PHOTOS)

THE HUFFINGTON POST – by Sara Gates Risk analysis company Maplecroft released its Human Rights Risk Atlas 2013 Thursday, revealing a definitive rise in human rights violations around the world. [SCROLL DOWN TO SEE SLIDESHOW OF COUNTRIES WITH EXTREME HUMAN RIGHTS RISK] The sixth annual report, which ranked 197 countries […]

The lost word

Daily Times: Noshe Lynn. If Muslims can come out on the streets to protest about cartoons and books, why can they not come out in protest against these outrages being committed in their own country? Many people refuse to blame the Taliban (and others like them) for anything, saying that, […]

New European problem – Halal Houses

After the solving the problems of Halal food, Halal meat and Niqab, now Europe countries are facing the question of Halal Houses. In one of the nieghbourhoods of Amsterdam the council has built 180 house for its Muslim population which have room for wudhu, direction toward Qibla, separate room for […]