The lost word

Daily Times: Noshe Lynn.

If Muslims can come out on the streets to protest about cartoons and books, why can they not come out in protest against these outrages being committed in their own country?

Many people refuse to blame the Taliban (and others like them) for anything, saying that, after all, they were an entity created by the US and the state powers in Pakistan. But no one created these fanatics and their ideology that has infected the masses. They were always there, doing what they do, wherever they lived. They jumped at the chance to get real power when the time came.

…….The double standards and hypocrisy are incredible. They utter sacred names, recite scripture, all the while persecuting innocents. Routine corruption goes on with a rosary in the hand and a holy name on the lips. I believe the Prophet (PBIH) would feel terribly insulted by that. They are insulting him and his memory by going against everything he stood for. And it is so much worse when done by people who belong to the religion he left behind, rather than those who have nothing to do with it.



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