Day: December 7, 2012


Daily Times: Mohammad Ahmad. Both the targeted communities have nothing in common except that both despise violence and work in their own ways to bring man closer to God December 3, 2012 will be remembered in history as a black day for Jinnah’s Pakistan. Two separate incidents occurred in Lahore […]

Hospital nurse found dead after taking prank call on Catherine London (CNN) — A nurse at the hospital that was duped by a prank call from two Australian radio DJs concerning Prince William’s pregnant wife, Catherine, has apparently committed suicide, the hospital confirmed Friday. The nurse “was recently the victim of a hoax call,” King Edward VII Hospital said in […]


Source: Ghana Time Rawlings casting his vote Finally it is here! The judgment day has certainly dawned as over 14 million Ghanaian registered voters head to 26,000 polling stations across the country to decide who should administer the affairs of the oil and gold rich nation. Though eight respected politicians […]

Update: Press Release by Jamaat Ahmadiyya on Martyrdom of Maqsood Ahmad Today in Quetta

Source: Press Section Nazarat Amoor-e-Amma- Sadr Anjmuman Ahmadiyya Rabwah Translation by Editor Muslim Times. Any responsibility for error in translation is Mine. Quetta: Young Ahmadi Trader Maqsood Ahmad targeted and killed in Quetta on account of religious hatred Increased in target killing of Ahmadies in Quetta after Karachi is of serious concern. […]

Israeli soldiers flee Palestinian mob

December 7, 2012 (JTA) — Israeli soldiers fled an angry Palestinian mob in Hebron. The troops, on a routine patrol in Hebron’s H1 area around Jewish homes in the city on Thursday afternoon, encountered Palestinian officers who would not let them through, Channel 2 reported. A crowd began to gather […]

Talimul Islam (T.I) Ahmadiyya School Appeals For Help

Source: Ghana Times: The headmistress of the Talimul Islam (T.I) Ahmadiyya Girls Senior High School, Asokore- Ashanti, Madam Ayesha Nyantakyiwaa Boakye, has appealed to the government and benevolent organisations, to assist the school with more infrastructure, to enable it admit more students and expand education delivery in the area. She […]