Who killed General Zia? Worldly Theories and/or Divine Wrath

Source: Express Tribune

by Khaled Ahmad:

Ijazul Haq, son of army chief General Zia, has accused Zia’s then vice-chief General Aslam Beg of being a part of the conspiracy to kill his father. He appeared on Geo TV on December 1, 2012, and said he was sorry that General Hameed Gul, who was the ISI chief at the time, took no notice of his officers plotting to kill his father. He added that General Beg caused the wreckage of the plane to be removed to hide the effects of a missile fired into the plane from another plane. He also prevented autopsies of the dead to hide the fact that everyone on the plane had died from gas poisoning. A report by an air force officer, Zaheer Zaidi, was suppressed because it focused on the “other plane”. He said Beg had reacted to his certain impending replacement with General Afzaal as vice-chief.

No one can say who killed Zia. But when he took Beg as the army vice-chief, Zia was deeply committed to the Arabs in the post-Bhutto period. He was to offer Islamisation in return for funds that went into buying Pakistan’s sorely needed 40 F-16 warplanes and seed-money for the Zakat Fund. Islamisation was also meant to restrain revolutionary Iran. (Tehran was seen as destablising the Gulf states with acts of terrorism.) In 1980, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) was created and Zia could not resist being secretly its ‘military teeth’.


5 replies

  1. It appears that The General’s son want to back in the business (re-take and re-build) but on the dead, definately keeping the tradition alive of living on dead.

    He better listen the Friday Sermon delivered by Kalifatul Massieh IV on same subject.

  2. Agree with suhail malik.If they listen to the one recorded sermon by a man of God; friday the 10th June 1988, Prior to the Historic divine wrath on 17th June 1988.
    Dont forget they are waiting for another Divine wrath.This time may be a biblical proportion?
    May Allah subhana wa taalah save our beloved pakistan.

  3. i have seen myself on TV the vultures & crows sitting beside the C-130 waiting to have a nibble on dead bodies from the plane as khalifa Rabay had prophesied in his Friday sermon.

  4. If these insane and idiots apes do not reflect in time soon they would see much bigger jolts and drowning.
    May Allah protect all Ahmadis and other truth seeking souls from these afflictions and calamities which seem to be approaching very fast because of these people’s continuous wickedness.

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