New European problem – Halal Houses

After the solving the problems of Halal food, Halal meat and Niqab, now Europe countries are facing the question of
Halal Houses. In one of the nieghbourhoods of Amsterdam the council has built 180 house for its Muslim population which have room for wudhu, direction toward Qibla, separate room for ladies with sliding doors so they can offer Salat away from Muslim men.

This has caused rift in the country. Right wing parties are saying if Muslims want halal houses, they they should go back to their countries and demand Halal Houses there.

Meanwhile in the UK, Muslim scholars, intellectuals and Ulema are saying that Muslim living in the UK are enjoying many freedoms, so therefore they should not ask for this. This kind of demand will increase racism & Islamo-phobia. There are already enough problems facing Muslim in the UK. The law about Halal meat is still in the works. If government does this on its own, it will kind of them.

The anti-Islam leader Giert Wilder has condemned this saying this will promote segretation on the basis of sex.

Prominent UK lawyer Sibghitallah Qadri said Muslims should not demand Halal Houses. If Holland has built such house this is, he said, their generosity. (, Dec. 17, 2012)

3 replies

  1. It is very smart idea and will spread in other countries soon because if jews can build their houses as they wish to live , the same Muslims can also do it. We are living in a society where you have freedom and liberty and it is not creating any harm and violence. It is should be discussion and salvation with their governments and understood as religious equity and balance.

  2. This is extreme on both sides. People cannot sit back and relax. They always come up with something that can shatter peace. La Haula walaa quawaata Ilaa Bilaah.

    If anyone want a Wudhu place in the house and makes it or prayer room in the house should make it, but why should call it a halal house?
    On the other hand if someone wants to call it a Halal house let them call it. If you buy such a house you can use the rooms for other purposes rather then Wadhu or prayer. Why fight like spoiled kids?
    I winder When will people be mature enough?

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