The Salvation Army and the poor, depressed guy …

The News that Switzerland has chosen the Salvation Army to represent them at the next Eurovision Song Contest reminds me of this story:

(for those who do not know. The Salvation Army is a Christian group who goes around in a kind of uniform and usually sings in town or in pubs and bars to make the people happy. They also then collect money from any one who listens to their music).

This guy was very depressed, so after work he went to a bar instead of going home. He felt miserable. And then the Salvation Army came around to sing a song and play some music. It cheered the guy up a bit and he went home.

His wife asked him how he was and he told her that he was depressed because of trouble at work and he passed the bar on the way home. And then the Salvation Army came and sang a song. And after the song was finished they came around with a plate of money. At first – the guy said – “I refused” I was quite happy enough with their song, but they insisted, “so I took some money and came home”.

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