Laughter is the best medicine

On his own …Mu

The King had allowed a pet elephant loose near Nasrudin’s village, and it was destroying crops. The people decided to go in a body to Tamerlane to protest. Nasrudin, because he had been known to amuse the King at times, was appointed leader of the delegation. So overawed were they […]

The Announcement

Nasrudin stood up in the market-place and started to address the throng. ‘O people! Do you want knowledge without difficulties, truth without falsehood, attainment without effort, progress without sacrifice?’ Very soon a large crowd gathered, everyone shouting: ‘Yes, yes!’ ‘Excellent!’ said the Mulla. ‘I only wanted to know. You may […]


A group of youths took eggs to a Turkish bath where Nasrudin was expected. When he came into the steam-room where they were sitting, they said: ‘Let us imagine that we are fowls, and see whether we can lay eggs. The one who fails shall pay the bath fee for […]

I believe you are right!

The Mulla was made a magistrate. During his first case the plaintiff argued so persuasively tha’t he exclaimed: ‘I believe that you are right!’ The clerk of the Court begged him to restrain himself, for the defendant had not been heard yet. Nasrudin was so carried away by the eloquence […]

The high cost of learning

Nasrudin decided that he could benefit by learning something new. He went to see a master musician. ‘How much do you charge to teach lute-playing’? ‘Three silver pieces for the first month; after that, one silver piece a month.’ ‘Excellenct!’ said Mulla Nasrudin. ‘I shall begin with the second month.’ […]

Maximum capacity

An ancient and valuable fragile Chinese vase had been found by the villagers. There was an argument in the teahouse as to its exact capacity. During the wrangling, Mulla Nasrudin entered. The people appealed to him for a ruling. ‘Simple’, said Nasrudin. ‘Bring the vase here, together with some sand.’ […]

Not worth keeping

Seeing something glittering in the gutter, Mulla Nasrudin ran to pick it up. It was a metal mirror. Looking at it closely, he saw his face reflected in it. ‘No wonder it was thrown away – nothing as ugly as this could possibly appeal to anyone. The fault is in […]