Thoughts about thoughts. Prince Charles, the Shah of Iran and an old lady …

Sometimes I get annoyed about my own thoughts about thoughts and what triggers them.

For instance when I clean my teeth a newspaper article always comes into my mind that the Butler of His Very Royal Highness Prince Charles has to put the toothpaste on his toothbrush as His Very Royal Highness cannot be bothered to do such a usual task. And the amount of toothpaste needs to be three quarters of an inch. I think my own toothbrush would be too short for that. No problem, I do not have a butler and need to do that task myself anyway.

An interesting thought about thought always comes in mind when I happen to be at the Bellevue Square near the lake of Zurich. I always recall that I was there many many years ago that I saw His Very Imperial Majesty the Shah in Shah of Persia driving his very own Rolls Royce. Looks like he went up to Dolder Hotel, where he probably stayed over.

Not so pleasant is the thought about thoughts triggered at the Central Square in Zurich too. There I witnessed an old lady getting off the old Number 6 tram that was still open. The tram stopped, but not yet at the right place. The old lady got off but then the tram moved again. The old lady fell under the tram and after the tram had passed the old lady was lying on the floor and her shoe, with her foot in it, lie some distance from her. Not a very pleasant thought about thought.

May be a Psychologist reader can explain why these thoughts about thoughts come to ind all the time? I am not in Zurich a lot these days so those are ok, but I do clean my teeth several times a day and am then reminded of His Very Royal Highness. ok, I did enjoy visiting him in his bungalow in London some years ago and sharing a cup of tea with him. That part is fine. No, I did not ask him about his toothpaste habit, when I met him.

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