Jinnah and secularism

Daily Times: Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed.

Jinnah never wanted to create an Islamic state based on dogmatic Sharia. So, what did he really want Pakistan to be?

Once Pakistan came into being, Jinnah wanted Pakistan to be a modern, tolerant state. He attended Mass on Christmas Eve in 1947 in Karachi’s main Catholic Church and when the Hindus of Karachi were targeted by the Mohajirs in spring 1948, he condemned such acts of lawlessness. He made the Ahmadi stalwart Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan foreign minister and gave the law ministry to Joginder Nath Mandal, a Dalit Hindu; both decisions were not necessarily pleasing to orthodox Muslims, especially the ulema. Were these acts of statesmanship enough to trump his relentless politics during 1940-47? One can wonder.


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  1. We need leaders like Jinnah in muslims state,hope surely that will happen in near future but at this momment muslims have to suffer for a while

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