Norway hospital dons new Hijab: A Better Redesign by Michael SandelsonThe Norwegian medical institution says it has introduced a new redesigned Hijab in cooperation with designers that both adheres to Muslim rules and at the same time is more comfortable to wear.

OUH has long had Hijabs suited to staff uniforms, it says, but explains the new type has softer fabric that is better.

“We can’t refrain from hiring an employee because the individual wears religious headgear, Hege Linnestad, head of section for equal opportunities health services, says in a statement.

“This is why we are facilitating for the use of Hijabs. We want to be an attractive place of work that is set up for the employees’ religious beliefs,” she adds.

Hege Linnestad in
Hege Linnestad in “shawl” Hijab
Nina E.Gausdal Try, OUSNorwegian legislation does not permit an employer to bar personnel from wearing religious headgear, except in special cases, but he/she does have the right to place demands on its design.

OUH has now had two models of Hijab made, a so-called “hood”, and “shawl”. Personal Hijabs are no longer permitted.


3 replies

  1. Masha’Allah. Norway has shown and exemplary role in this regard. May Allah Bless them for this kind consideration.Amen

    I am happy to know that they have also chose a softer fabric. It will be safer for hair too.In-sha’Allah.

    I loved the post.

  2. Yes. It was so refreshing to read that Norway accommodates the Hijab in the work place unlike countries like France, etc.

    God bless them.

    The other post too was relief to read… Thank you for it.

  3. A daring step from Norway to create better conditions & understanding towards multiculturalism,hope other countries will follow Norway example

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