Video: Believers or heretics? Mainstream Muslims vs. Ahmadiyyas

Aljazeera: Our online community requested that we cover the largely underreported struggles of the Ahmaddiya community.

Discussion on Ahmadiyya starts at 11:40 minutes into the programme.

Controversy surrounds the Ahmadiyya community whose members call themselves Muslim. Many mainstream Muslims contend that Ahmadiyyas are a separate religion entirely. The Ahmadiyyas believe their founder Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a Prophet and Messiah sent by God to reform Islam. Ahmad was born in 1835 in the northern Indian town of Qadian.

Many Muslims claim Ahmadiyya beliefs are heretical to Islam because they believe Muhammad was the last Prophet.

Some Ahmadiyya leaders claim they have as many as 200 million followers around the world, but Islamic scholars say that number is between five and ten million. A majority of Ahmaddiya live on the Indian subcontinent.


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  1. Dear readers, the whole argument of the opponents of Ahmadiyat is based on one word of the Quran i.e. “Khaatam”.. The opponents have nothing else. And they use the wrong interpretation of that word. So the opponents have no case against Ahmadis.

    It was all illegal to raise such a high handed enmity against the Ahmadis. The prophet s.a.w.s. never preached the subject of Khatam e Nabuwwat with any seriousness at all. If it was such an important item of faith, the prophet would have spent a long time telling the Ummah that there will never be any prophet after him. But he never did that. So it means it is not an essential article of Muslim faith.

    The earlier Muslim scholars all interpreted the subject that no prophet with a new law (New Shariyah) will come after the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. It did not mean that non-law bearing prophets will not come.
    It is clear that the opponents of Ahmadiyat are on some enemy agenda. They have no case the Ahmadis.
    More over, the opponents denial of freedom of religion and their belief that Jesus a.s. still alive, it all proves them wrong.
    I could go on with few more points very easily to prove that the opponents are all wrong in their enmity against the Ahmadis.

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