Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat honoured to start Islamic Teaching Classes In schools of Hessen State of Germany.

By Zubair Khan

In unfortunate country of Pakistan the defence minister has to appear in the National Assembly to declare that no official department of Pakistan is authorised to consider Ahmadies as Muslim. While in Germany the education department has permitted Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat to undertake the Islamic teaching classes in the primary Schools of Hessen State of Germany for 2013-2014 academic year. The other  organization permitted to undertake the same assignment is Turkish Muslim organization known as Ditib Landesverband Hessen. In first year of primary school where 8 students will register to undertake the Islamic teachings the class will start. In Islamic teaching period only the basics of religion Islam will be taught to the students. According to the declaration of education department of state Hessen Government,  the Islamic teachings period has been made compulsory part of curriculum along with the periods for Catholic and Protestant Teaching periods.

For this remarkable and distinguished achievement, effort of many years has been invested by national head of community Mr Abdullah Wagishasuer, Press spoke person Mr Hydatullah Hübsch (Late), General Secretary Mr Ilyas Majoka and Education Secretary Mr Wasim Ghaffar. Readers of Muslim Times humbly requested to pray for success of this assignment of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Germany.

Note by Editor: Some information for the news item has  been taken from Ahmadiyya Bulletin of Jamaat Germany.

15 replies

  1. It is really a great success of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Germany. All those who have persistanty striven for this need congratulation. Their efforts have born fruit for our children. May Allah bless them all. As noted by Zubair Khalil Sahib it is really a great honour. Well done Jamaat Germany, you have not only slapped the Defence Minister öf Pakistan but have also put MR Ansar Abbasi and Mullah Ata-ur-Rehman of JUI back in their shoes. We pray that our Jamaats in USA, Canada, and other European countries shall also follow this example.

  2. This is a very great news. In a country where such positive attitude is least expected; it a great achievement for the Germany Jama’at. May Allah continue to bless the efforts while we also pray for many of such to happen in the nearest future.

  3. Alhamdolillah,Really this is a great success of jama’at Ahmadiyya Germany. Germany Zindabad.
    Naseer-ul haq

  4. Alhamdolillah really it is great pleasure for Ahmadie.May Allah make it source of
    Further successes. Ameen.
    Mumtaz Khan, Bonn

  5. Al Hamdu Lillah. I cannot understand why the non-Ahmadis are opposing this good move of Germans. The non-Ahmadis have irrational approach to Islam. They are at fault about many things. Even in the very basics, they need to be peaceful and gentle.
    We praise Allah for this blessing.

  6. May Allah bless the German authorities for their fairness and just decisions. This is a back slap to the Pakistani Minister and indeed to the entire Government who have been exceptionally unfair to a part of their own citizens the Ahmadi Muslims.

  7. assalam o alaikum rhmatullah
    main ahmadiya jamat k mutallik wallah sirf allah k liye maloom krna chahta hon or age quran o sunnat or hadees nabi k mutabic sahi howa to inshallah main ahmadiya jamat me shamil ho jaonga
    pls reply

    this time i m in sharjah

    Muhammad Shabbir

  8. Dear Brother
    Best way is to go through http://www.alislam.org. If you need in Urdu it is there as well in English. First read detailed information about Ahmadiyyat then we can discuss. One number is of Dubai while other is of Pakistan. Where you r stationed.?

  9. ahmadies are truely not muslims. in true muslims’ life, just there are allah and muhammad pbuh and they may not amend or complete the koran. it is already perfect. ahmadies change the koran.

    • nurk: Could you please give some proof to your allegations (that Ahmadies changed the Koran)? Nurk: did you ever visit an Ahmadi Mosque to see for yourself whether the Ahmadi prayers are any different to any prayers of any other Muslims?

  10. Please go to the official website alislam.org to confirm for yourself that Arabic text of the Holy Quran is the same every where.

    I myself have seen 42 different translations of the Holy Quran in English and there are countless if we examine other languages.

    Why hold the Ahmadies as guilty if they translate it better than others?

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