Serbian village council issues vampire alert

The Telegraph

A municipal council in rural Serbia has reportedly issued a public health warning claiming that a vampire is on the loose.

Sales of garlic are booming in western Serbia after the council advised all villagers to place garlic on their doors and windows to ward off the legendary vampire, Sava Savanovic.

Savanovic is believed to have been reawakened after an old mill in which he was said to have lived collapsed recently, the Romanian Times reports. Villagers are now terrified that the vampire, one of the country’s most feared and most famous, is roaming the countryside looking for fresh blood.

Local folklore says that Savanovic used to live at the mill and drink the blood of anyone who came to mill their grain.

The mill had become a tourist attraction, but was left in disrepair by the family who owned it because they feared disturbing the vampire.


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