Former Danish Church minister: “Islam is a direct enemy of Christianity”

As Jihad Watch reported recently: “Copenhagen: Four new mosques. 16 churches to be closed.” Now priests and politicians are discussing what to do with those 16 closed-down churches. For many people, including the owner of the churches — the Church Foundation — it hurts to see how Christianity is getting smaller while most other religions, including the fastest growing religion in Denmark, Islam, are growing.

Translated from Danish by Nicolai Sennels, Jyllands-Posten April 25: “Can a closed down church be used as a mosque?“:

Former Church Minister Birthe Rønn Hornbech (Liberal Conservative) also participated in the debate about the future of the closed-down churches. She completely rejects the possibility that the churches can be taken over by Muslims.”I am against Christian churches being used by a religion that is a direct enemy of Christianity, which Islam is.


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  1. Islam is not enemy of Christianity, only its improved and evolved version. If one reads Monotheism with an open mind, one would find a natural evolution through the three Abrahamic faiths. Try our site, Islam for the West.

  2. Islam is not a direct enemy of Christianity as alleged by the Minister. It has rather come to rescue Christians who are wallowing in darkness for a long time and ushered into a clear and pure light, i.e. the worship of only ONE TRUE GOD.
    They should humble themselves and follow this true light which will lead them to the salvation they have long been looking for.

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