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  1. How barbaric. ‘ Surely, to Allah we belong, to Allah is our return.’ His parents are based in Holland, I believe.

  2. Very sad. I wonder if hazrat chief justice iftikhar mohammad Chaudhry will issue any sue motto in this case

  3. I strongly condemn the barbarianic act of Pakistani police and invite the attention of the Human International community to get justification of killing of the innosent person by the police torture from the Pakistan Government. Pakistan is the member of UNO hunan rights. I demond that a high level commission should be consttuted to make an enquary in this brutal murder of the innosent person and the responsible persons should be given appropriate punishmnet so that this practice is stopped for future.

  4. That is extremely barbaric and must be condemned in the strongest words. But what do you expect in this lawless country ?????

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