Sheikh Waqas Akram exposing hypocrisy of Mullahs

Credit: Munir Ahmad Munawar of Austria:

khuda kay lye meray mulk ko in moulviyoon say bachao … Shaikh Waqas

This clip is in Urdu.  To watch the video in Youtube click HERE and enjoy watching it complete:

Sheikh Waqas Akram (born 26 August 1974) is a Pakistani politician and a Member of National Assembly of Pakistan[1] from Jhang, Pakistan.[2] He stood in election two times in constituency no. NA-89 Jhang-IV and succeeded both times. He is also a Minister of State for Labour and Manpower

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  1. To me the bold instance taken by Sh Waqas is astonishing. it means hopes can be kept alive for the Pak Society. ” Zara nam ho to bari zerkhez hai yeh mati saqi”

  2. Dear Khan Sahib. You doing wonderful Job, excellent, this video Shows that we still have some brave People like Waqas Shaikh Sahib. He ( Waqas Shaikh Sahib) must b given some title like haq-Prust, bahader MNA of Pakistan. We must appreciate his reaction and braveness.

  3. Sheikh Waqas is known truthful and straightforward statesman I will say well done sheikh sahib

  4. اللہ کرے زور بیاں اور زیادہ اور اپنے حفظ وامان میں رکھے وقاص صاحب کو۔بشر حافی رحمةاللہ علیہ کا قصہ مجھے بھی بہت یاد آیا تھا جب میں نے مسجدوں سے کلمہ طیبہ مٹاے جانے کی وڈیو دیکھی تھی۔ میں نے اس مشاہدہ پر اپنے تاثرات کو اپنی ویب سایٹ پرذیل کے مقام پر رکھ دیا تھا

  5. Bold and brave speech! I must say this man has guts to speak and expose the criminals who call themselves thekedars of Islam. I wish his voice catches momentum and people of Pakistan rise to save the country from these mullahs.

  6. May Allah Tallah protect and bless Sheikh Waqas Akram Sahib. Mullahs will soon have ” Fatwa Kufr” ready for him and someone like the killer of Governor of Punjab will try to kill him.

    Muslims have been killing muslims due to these Moulvis for the last several centuries.

    Pakistan Zindabad.

  7. Since the video clip is in Urdu, I didn’t watch it, but after reading all of the above comments, I’ve reached the conclusion that what he’s said in it, requires lots of courage.

    And so, I’m praying for this man to be kept safe from the murderous squad of the Mullahs, Ameen.

  8. Probably through comments you really understood what he said? Mashallah. The area Jhang, he comes from, he knows quite well how to get himslef protected from the clutches of Mullahs. Still as you said we all pray to Allah for his safety as He is biggest protector of all.

  9. Well done Waqas.Pakistan was created by lawyers and number of senseable people,not by these MULLAS.They were not for Pakistan at her creation and they are not for Pakistan now.If they want to serve Islam,their place is in mosques not in politics.The bigest threat that our beloved country has is MULLAISM.We should save our Pakistan and our children from the shadow of these Mullas.Are not these Mullas who are cultivating hattered among Pakistani nation on the name of religion?Are not these Mullas who are issuing decrees of Takfeer,and expelling muslims from the fold of Islam?

  10. With due respect to Zubair sahib,
    I might have heard it wrongly but I think it is the right wording. Please forgive if it is wrong.

    Zara nam ho to yeh matti bari zarkhez hai saaqi.

  11. In the Name of Allah the Most gracious Ever Merciful
    A Persian Proverb is, “Har kih firoun ra Musa (h)ast” means for every, Faro there is a Moses. I salute the courage of Shaikh Waqas Akram, Allah may protect him from every shar. Mullah of the time is symbolically Faro, thirsty of peoples blood and hate monger and liar, to deal with the rascal, we need courageous people. “nahin Iqbl naa ummeed apni kasht-a-veran say zarra nam ho to yeh matti barry zarkhiz hay saqy


    This is the speach of sheikh waqas akram member national assembaly pakistan

    Molvi jo musjid main azan danay ko roktay hain
    Molvi jo kalma go ko kafir kehtay hain
    Molvi jo asslam-o-alaikum kehnay walay ko,bismillah likhnay walay ko saza dilwatay hain
    Molvi jo musjid kay mathay say kalama mitwatay hain.
    Molvi jo khud ALLAH kay lafaz ko apnay paon kay neechay rondatay hain

    Yeh pukar hay pakistan national assembaly kay aik rukkan SHEIKH WAQAS AKRAM KI

  13. In the Name of Allah the Most gracious Ever Merciful


    FAZL-e-KHUDA ka sayaa tum pay rahay hamaisha
    Har din charahe MUBARAK, har raat BAKHAIR guzray

    Well done posting. May Almighty Allah bless Waqas and his family members a happy, healthy and wealthy long life and protect Pakistan from evil onesand ill wishers. Amen

  14. Alhamdolillah that there are still some people in Pakistan nwho do realise the real threat of maulvis and can raise their voice against them. May Allah grant the courage to Waqas Sheikh sahib to continue doing the Jehad against these currupt maulavis and fanatics who have defamed Islam and Pakistan in the world. aamin.

  15. there are thousands of munafiks like this man active against the only real religion but can not defeat GOD.Their tricks will be overturned to them by GOD

  16. People like Sameer have complete lack of insight and have no idea about all the destruction Mullahs are bringing to the Muslims.

    People like him call anyone they do not like or anyone who does not agree with their distorted world view, a hypocrite!

  17. Dear Sameer How you can call him as Munafik. He never degraded the great relgion rahter he exposed those who look like a bad stigma on the beautiful face of this great relgion. If you have some concrete proof about his dual role or two faces about relgion Islam then bring it out. Exposing so called Mullah is great Sawab he is earning and it will entitle him the Blessings of God.

  18. Aslamo-e-Aliakum:

    It gives me an immense pleasure that people from Pakistan has started recognising these Mullah’s which are the main cause of tens of thousands of death’s across Pakistan every year.

    Looking at over-all past and present situation in Pakistan, these were Mullah’s that has used Islam for their self profits, mis-guided and misled people, and you may see on your OWN (Sameer), where the country’ stand today!

    If brave people like him has started showing them mirror and what they are all about, you should start appreciating such brave men, as it is for your own country’s benefits, than calling them with what you called, in fact you did a sin in a way, as you are judging being a brain-washed one and you have no idea of ground facts and what you are talking about.

    I wish Sheikh Sahib success ahead and all my best wishes for his upcoming tasks!


    Luqman Qadir
    London England

  19. me zati tor pr shak waqaas sahib sy mulakat kar sukaa hon ya boht achee speech kar lytyy han inhoon ny asmbly me jo khaa molviyoon k mutalk theek khaa lakin ya yaad rkhnaa cahyyyy aj sy 1500 sall phlyy Hazrt Muhammad Mustfa S.A.W.M ny khaa thaa ka ak zmanaa ay ga islam ka kush baqi nahe rah jay ga or us waqt k Olmaa zmeen par badtreen makhlok hongy to ya zmanaa aap ny dahky liyaa ha kunk jo emamyy waqt sy dor rhyyy ga wo ya nzary dyktaa rahy ga or emamy waqt ke jmat ke tarqi ko dykyy ga or hasd ke ag me mar jyy ga Allah kary Allah hum moslmany ko haq ko samjnhy ke twfeeq dy amen

  20. Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was against theocracy so if any member of Muslim League follow the thoughts of the founder of Pakistan , He can feel proud of being true Muslim Leaguee.Sheikh Waqas rightly exposed the Mullahs who want to impose theocracy on Pakistan.Every true Muslim Leaguee should sport him and should follow the mindset of the creator of Pakistan and should never allow the Theocracy to be imposed at Pakistan.

  21. Great effort made by Brave Sheikh Waqas Sb

    The Guidance of the Holy Messenger Mohammad(saw) follows;

    “Help your criminal brothers by stoping them from crime and non criminal brothers by saving them from criminal brothers.”

    According to the guidnace of the Holy Messenger Mohammad(saw), Sheikh Waqas Sb is trying to stop criminal activities of criminal Mullahs for the security and safty of pakistnai innocent citizens. It is a real virtue. May Almighty Allah bless all of us courage to stop criminal activities from Global Village like the Holy Messenger Mohammad(saw) stopped criminal activites in his life time. Ameen

  22. Now should these Mullahs that trampled the paper with Allah’s name on it be put on the list pf Blasphemers? And should they be given the punishment that they suggest for such and offense?
    If they are just and if they really love Allah and His apostle , that they claim, they should come forth and give themselves for the punishment. And show the passion for their faith.

  23. its really hard to say these words in pakistan coz of the situation now a days.may Allah keep im safe nd give him more power to carry on his job..

  24. Sheikh waqas Ulma-e-Haq k khilaf apni Galeez Zuban ban rakhna. U are a dodger. your degree is fake.NA 89 Jhang say Allama Ludhyaniv Sahab Jeetay hain Tumhay shikast hui hay. Administration nay results ko Change kia hay. Ludhyanvi k karkun apna Haq Cheennay ki bharpur taqat rakhtay hen.
    Allama Ludhyanvi is a popular Leader and politician. I pray for his long life. Insha Allah Ulama-e-Haq Assembly my pohonch Jayengay aur Anti Islam elements k khilaf Garjen gay.

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