Ta’a Marboota: Simplicity, femininity and elegance


No matter the season, for women living in KSA, abayas are always in fashion. Rawan Azhar entered the lucrative world of abaya fashion to give women something that will make them feel special. Azhar’s brand, Ta’a Marboota, infuses international and local trends together to produce designs that make Saudi women feel feminine and unique.

“Ta’a Marboota is an abaya brand that is about absolute femininity. I wanted my abayas to be more than just a tradition, so I added different designs, fabrics and colors to make every woman wearing my designs feel special and unique. My designs are a resemblance of this concept and are filled with an elegant touch to give each woman a sense of individuality,” said the Saudi fashion designer.

Azhar uses soft fabrics such as silk, chiffon and velvet to add a soft feminine touch that integrate the tradition of the abaya with colors and fabrics that represent contemporary lifestyles. The theme of her designs is perhaps best captured in the name of her brand —“ta’a marboota” is an Arabic letter that is often placed at the end of words to make them feminine.

Azhar believes that abayas don’t have to be boring traditional pieces of black cloth and tries to send a message with her designs: That tradition can be updated.

“Keep in mind that women wear abayas in public, so why not feel good wearing them? Only through Ta’a Marboota can a woman make her dream of being feminine and unique come true,” she said.

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