Dispelling Myths About Islam

Source: Discover Moose Jaw –

With any religion, there come common misconceptions and myths. The same can be said with Islam.

But the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association stopped by Moose Jaw Saturday, looking to dispel some of those myths as they travel across the prairies.


Member of the Executive Committee of the Faith Outreach Program Noman Kahilil says “Jihad” is one of the biggest misconceptions.

“The ‘Holy War’ that has been misinterpreted by other Muslims who call it a fight for Islam. And that’s a misinterpretation because the ‘Holy War’ actually has a meaning the means ‘inner struggle’. That’s the literal meaning of that word. And it’s a struggle within yourself to overcome the sins you have so that you can reach a higher status.”

The Open House continues next in Weyburn and Yorkton as part of it’s ten day tour.

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