Are Men Useless? (Government Says Yes)

NY Times: Are men useless, at least when it comes to caring for a family?

India’s recent draft food security bill, currently in front of Parliament, seems to suggest so.

The bill proposes a radical shift — it requires that women become the “heads of household” for the purpose of issue of ration cards. A man would only be an acceptable household head if there is no woman over the age of 18 in the family to assign the ration card to.

India has about 330 million families who rely on ration cards. Currently a head of household, for ration card purposes, is defined by family members themselves. According to the provisional figures of the last census (2011) only 10.35 percent of the total households are headed by women.

The change was proposed after a look at some hard facts, some of which have been recognized as early as the 1970s.


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  1. I would let the respected ladies of this blog team comment on this first. But, during my early days living in less-to-do areas of NYC, I recall seeing women or single mothers, buying essential food at the checkout counter with food stamps, etc. Men where nowhere to be found. Women are more responsible in that regard.

  2. Yes, we’re squirrel like! We’re more responsible where finances and household resources are concerned since we are the ones running the household, usually, who are looking after the well-being of children, our other halves and the extended family, if any, and therefore know how and when to spend money and any other resources. If the women are educated, all the better.

    Of course, not all men are irresponsible, but, quite a few are, unfortunately and their families suffer as a consequence.

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