Elephant in the room: A fallacy in Sunni Doctrine


Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

All Muslims including the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community believe that the Holy Prophet Muhammad is the seal of the Prophets and the last Law bearing prophet and there will be no new Law or Sharia after him.

Both the Sunni Muslims and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community also believe that a subordinate prophet, Jesus son of Mary, is going to come in Islam centuries after the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him.  Notwithstanding these beliefs, the Sunni scholars have indoctrinated the masses in the last century or more into a blind faith, in claiming the Holy Prophet Muhammad, to be the unconditional last prophet.

This indoctrination has created a conflict or fallacy in the minds of common Sunni Muslims that even though Jesus or Messiah is going to come after the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him, yet he is the last prophet.  I repeat, all Muslims believe that a prophet (nabi-ullah) Jesus is going to come.  Yes, Jesus is going to come, and at least all Sunni Muslims believe that and yet they have a righteous indignation or insistence on a very stringent interpretation of Khatam-e-Nubuwat and claim the Holy Prophet Muhammad to be the last prophet.  Such insistence can happen only by ignoring the elephant in the room.

My dear Sunni brothers and sisters the elephant in the room is your own belief in a prophet Jesus coming after the Prophet Muhammad. Yes, this is your official belief! All the Sunni Muslims believe that Jesus, son of Mary, is going to come after the Holy Prophet Muhammad! Centuries after him!  Dear Sunni brothers and sisters, can you see the elephant?  Look in all the four corners, do you see the elephant?  I hope and pray that you do see it, sooner rather than later.

Yes, we all believe that Jesus is going to come after, of course, centuries after the Holy Prophet Muhammad, the best of the Prophets and the seal of the Prophets.

Do you see the metaphorical elephant in the room?

Praise be to Allah for providing us such blogs.  In conversations it is hard to demonstrate the elephant to most of our Sunni Muslim, brothers and sisters, who have been indoctrinated in this fallacy for decades, but now we can make our presentation more lucid, with pictures.  In 1980s, when I became an Ahmadi Muslim from a Sunni, I used to share this fallacy with my friends and family and many had difficulty immediately grasping the point but invariably the intelligent ones did.  Now I hope and pray that many more will do. Ameen!

If our Sunni brothers and sisters begin to see the elephant even if faintly so, they may stop experiencing righteous indignation towards the beliefs of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community and we will have better coexistence and mutual love.

The Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him, taught us to love all of humanity and charity begins at home. Let us stop struggling with each other in intolerant ways, please. Let us all have love for all of humanity and hatred for none. Love!

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  1. Interesting thing is that all non-Ahmadi scholars (Suuni, Wahabi, Shia, Ahl-e-Hadith) blame each other of denying the Finality of Prophet-hood. The question needs to be raised here is that why did not these scholars raise this issue against each other in 1974 Parliament when they were declaring Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at ‘kafir’ for allegedly not believing in the Finality of Prophet-hood? Shah Ahmad Noorani (deceased), a member of that parliament, firmly believed that Mufti Mahmood (deceased), another member of that parliament, openly negates this concept. Similarly, Ahl-e-Hadith scholars have stated that Shia community denies this concept 12 times more and 12 centuries earlier than Ahmadis. Then why did not these scholars raise their fingers there upon each other and ask the parliament to also declare them ‘Not-Muslim’ being equally denying this concept like Ahmadis? The apparent reason is that they were not moving this resolution against Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at out of their love and dedication for Islam and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) but out of their animosity against Jama`at, as it is said that it is not out of love for Ali (ra) but out of hate and animosity against Mu`awiya (ra).

  2. The Finality of Prophethood

    OJ Deen pointed out this all important page of Alislam.org to me.
    Ahmadis believe in Khatam-e-Nabuwwat
    Khatame-Nabbuwat (Urdu PDF / English PDF ) by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (rh)
    Exalted status of the Holy Prophet as Khatamun Nabiyeen by M. M. Ahmad
    Covenant of the Prophets
    Finality of Prophethood – Some Points
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    The Finality of Prophethood – the rest of the story (reply to Abul Alaa Maududi) by Naeem Osman Memon
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    When and Why a reformer?
    Continuity of Prophethood Proofs from Holy Quran, Hadiths and list of Islamic Scholars of the Past
    The Concept of Khataman Nabiyyeen (Presentation Slides in PDF)
    Some Important References (Multi-Lingual)
    Original References (Qandeel-e-Sadaqat)
    Video: Khatme Nabuwwat and Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (Urdu)  
    The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him

  3. So far, after studying the beliefs of the Muslims, I have made the following observations. I would like to be politely corrected if my observations are not accurate.

    1) AL people who call themselves “Muslims” sincerely believe that Prophet Mohammad (saw) is “Khamaman Nabiyeen”.

    2) Most Sunni Muslims also believe that Hazrat Jesus (as) is still a prophet and in the future he will return as an “old Prophet”, live on ttthis earth as a “Prophet” and then one day like everybody else, he will die.

    3) I infer that based on the birth criteria, the sunni muslim brothers believe that Hazrat Mohammad (saw) is the LAST prophet in Time and based on the death criteria, they beieve that it is Jesus(as) who will be the LAST prophet.

    4) My understanding is that the sunni Muslim brothers also believe that Jesus will no longer be a Prophet of Israel when he returns in the future, but he will be given a new law (for him not for us)to abide to. And he will be a Prophet for the whole world this time.

    5) I also understand that among those communities who profess to be Muslims, It is ONLY The Lahori Ahmadies and the community founded by Javaid Ghamidi Saheb who believe that Hazrat Mohammad is the LAST prophet in time and NO prophet OLD or NEW will break that seal.

    6) I also understand that the Ahmadi Muslim believe that the Holy Prophet is the LAST LAW BEARING Prophet and NO Prophet can come after him who will abrogate an iota of HIS LAST LAW.

    7) Most Sunni Muslims and the Ahmadi Muslims believe that the Holy Prophet prophesized the coming of a prophet in the latter days whose name will be Jesus son of Mary. The Holy Prophet only prophesized that, that prophet who will also be his follower.

  4. fallacy of ahmadism

    the ahmadis claim that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani fulfilled the signs regarding the messiah as promised by the holy prophet Muhammad (saw)!

    now lets analyse such a claim….

  5. Parvez you have given your long lists of Ahadith about your literal and concrete understanding of the second coming of Jesus, in other posts also, so I deleted those from here.

    In this post please just try to briefly resolve the contradiction that has been pointed out in the Sunni doctrine.

    Please make brief comments rather than longish repetition of your lists.

    Thanks for your co-operation.

  6. Dr. Boodhan has kindly well described the various beliefs of different goups in Islam. I have read about the elephant in the room. The attitude of the Sunni Muslims (even though the Ahmadis are also Sunni muslims because they give importance to the Sunnah after the Quran) or I may say the non-Ahmadi muslims belief that The prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. is unconditionally the last prophet, and they still believe that a prophet (Isa a.s.) is coming after the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. creates a contradiction. It is like the elephant in the room case.

    The belief of the Lahori group and J. ghamdi sahib may be as Doctor sahib has described. But it could not be right belief. Perhaps they deny the coming of a non law bearing prophet too. And some of them may be denying the Hadith. That creates problem.

    I know one Hadith which is found in the books, Bukhari and Muslim, both and it starts with the oath of Allah as follows:

    The prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. said, “By the one in whose hand is my life, Isa ibne Maryam will appear aomngst YOU as a just judge. He will break the cross and kill the swine…..”

    This tradition being in both books has importance. It means some one is reported to be coming. The Lahori group and Ghamdi group can be correct if the person who is coming is not a prophet.
    Even then they will have to believe that some one is coming after the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s.

    Another thing, if Isa a.s. himself is coming then he cannot be demoted to the rank of an ordinary man. But since he has died a natural peaceful death, he is never coming to this world. The problem then reduces to the point whether the one who has arrived (hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib a.s.) is a prophet or not. If he is some kind of prophet then Lahori+Ghamdi group is misguided. Othewise they stand well.

    We have to note the types of prophets who appeared in the world. Some were law bearing and others were non law bearing prophets. However, all were direct, permanent prophets. They had limited duty in time and area. They were not Khaatam.
    Only Muhammad s.a.w.s. is Khaatam an Nabiyyeen.

    We can forget the present day controversy and look back at the meaning given to this matter in the past. Many well known scholars of Islam have given their opinion that no new law bearing prophet will come. Only non law bearing prophets from the Ummat can come. This was the view of Hazrat Mulla Ali Qari rh.a. and of Mohayddin Ibne Arabi rh.a. and Muhammad Qasim Nanotawi Rh.a.

    Also the important words of Hazrat Aisha Rz.a. when she said, “o people, say that he (Muhammad) is Khaatam al Anbia but do not say that there is no prophet after him.”

    This Hadith completely knocks out the Lahori+Ghamdi group who deny the coming of any prophet after hazrat Muhammad s.a.w.s. The mother of the faithful believed that there will be prophet after him.

    I have more material to prove that there have been quite a few persons in this Ummah who attained to the status of prophet, and they (Muhaddtheen) are competent to be prophets but they were not given the name of prophet. I do not say that I am right in this matter but I hope to be right.

    And there was one prophet who was given the name also and that was the Promised Messiah a.s. of Qadian. Wassalam.

  7. While you are all poking and arguing among yourselves know that God has sent His own son Jesus Christ. He has come among us not as some power person to play power games. He came as a humble child who grew to awareness of his mission and died to suffer for our sins in all humility submitting himself to Gods will.

    Then resurrected and appeared among his apostles for 30 or more days then ascended into heaven.

    The only way we are all going to overcome our human squabbles and one-up-man-ship is on our knees.
    Trust in the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth that is beyond our finite human reasoning.

    • Could it be that the injustice we see today in the Western World, double standards, one law for us and another one for you, can be found in their history that they are taught that it is great that someone else carried our sins and died for them? (Therefore let all of Afghanistan PLUS Iraq suffer for the (supposed) sins of Usama bin Laden (9/11))? (supposed, because we have not seen any proof that Usama bin Laden really was involved, directing the complex operation from an Afghan cave).

  8. For Mile:
    We Ahmadi Muslims truely respect Jesus a.s. and his mother and whatever he taught. We have good knowledge about him who used to pray to God almighty and beseeched His help.

    But we cannot follow the beliefs of the church because according to that Jesus did not die, did not remain dead. He soon took his death (sacrifice) back within short time. According to Christian teaching, if at all Jesus sacrificed his life for any one, he took his sacrifice back by coming back to life.
    In that case all the sins that he took upon himself must have been sent back (returned) to the poor sinners all over the world.

    In that case his sacrifice is no more valid and he is not sacrificial lamb for the world any more.

    That death on the cross or in the tomb did not occur at all. But if it ever did according to Church teachings, it was soon cancelled.

    The Ahmadia teaching is the best. In that belief, Jesus a.s. fulfilled his mission as he himself had spoken. He continued to be living and went to preach, to look after the lost sheep of Israel.

    Mike, please do not mind. We are happy with our good beliefs about Jesus a.s. According to Church teaching, Jesus never fulfilled his mission of looking after the lost sheep of Israel. Instead of going to look after them in the east, he went to heaven (even went to hell). God forbids.

  9. Dr. Mohamed Boodhun sahib, Thank you for your appreciation. Your post had given me some insight about the belief of Lahori+J.Ghamdi group. Perhaps they are misled about a writing of the Promised Messiah a.s. who had written and believed that “No new or old prophet will appear now.” The Lahori group must be following that line. They believe in him as a great reformer.

    That was correct belief of the promised Messiah a.s. because it meant about the prophets as they used to come directly and permanently ( i am not sure if it is the correct word for Mustaqil) without following the footsteps of any other prophet.

    The promised Messiah a.s. had meant that the old system of prophets is ended. No new or old prophet with law or without law as per old system will appear in world. That statement still stands. Because the old time Muslim scholars have also taught that only an Ummati (follower) of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. can now apppear as prophet in future.

    The narration of Hazrat Aisha Rz.a. has proved the fallacy of the Lahori+Ghamdi group who deny the coming of any new or old prophet of any kind (if they deny of every kind).

    Maudoodi sahib ridiculed (even abused) Hazrat Aisha Rz.a. words by saying, “What is the status and importance of the saying of a lady in comparison with the saying of the prophet s.a.w.s.?” Madoodi sahib meant “Laa nabiyya ba’adee”.

    In that way Maudoodi sahib tried to bring the husband and wife in conflict, even opposing one another. That was because maudoodi sahib in enmity of the Jama’at Ahmadiyah, became blind and mad. He could not reconcile the words of the mother of all faithful. He did not try to take good meaning of the famous, useful words of Umm ul Momineen Rz.a.

  10. I want to add to my above post, for the benefit of the Lahori group who consider hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian as a great reformer only.

    Has any reformer, in the past, been opposed or oppressed the way hazrat sahib a.s. has been opposed?? There have been many reformers in the past 1400 years. Was any one declared Kafir and vehemently opposed tooth and nail?

    It proves that he was a reformer and more than a reformer. He was the Messiah (Isa Ibne Maryam) and Imam Mahdi a.s. Imam Mahdi a.s. cannot be a mere reformer. Isa also cannot be a reformer only.

    he was the promised Messiah because Dajjal was very much active in the field. The Messiah and Imam Mahdi should alsobe present. And according to ibne Majah, “There is no Mahdi except Isa.” Mahdi and Isa were both present here among us.

    He was a true representative of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. Hazrat Shah Waliullah Dehlavi sahib Rh.a. hds written:
    “Do people think that when he will appear, he will be an ordinary person of the Ummah? No. He will be a true (Ditto) copy of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s.”

    That proves the truth of the initial verses of Sura Juma. (chater 62)of the secondcoming of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s.

    The promised Messiah a.s. had said, “I am Muhammad. I am Ahmad. I am Isa.”

    “Main Kabhi Adam kabhi Musa kabhi Ya’qoob houn,
    Neez Ibraheem houn naslain hain mairee bay shumaar.”

    Sometime, somehow, I am Adam, sometime Musa, sometime Ya’qoob. I am also Ibraheem. I have long chain of progeny (offsprings).”

    May peace and blessings of Allah be on all of them. wassalam.

  11. its clear from quran ch 33 and authentic ahadith that Muhammad (saw) is the last recipient of a divine book, the quran is the last divine book, muhammad (saw) is the last born prophet.

    to believe in other so called divine kitaab after the Quran is false and such invented ideas contradict the ahadith.

  12. ghulam wht do u mwan by stating that ur sect’s founder is sometimes ya’qub, adam and sometime musa?
    also wht do u mean by second coming of prophet Muhammad(saw)??
    where did u get such fabricated beliefs from? since they have no basis in the quran nor sunnah.

    also the ahmadis always talk about prophets coming from the ummah of Muhammad (saw), then that means there are more prophets to come?? wht are the signs and criteria for such prophets that are yet to come??

  13. the alleged statement of aysha is weak and not found in primary hadith literature with coonected isnad.

    also the prophet (saw) said that “i am the last prophet there is no prophet after me.” [bukhari, malik and ahmad]

    also there is a hadith in one of the 6 canons of hadith (i forgot which one) that states that if there was to be a prophet after Muhammad (saw) it would of been umar.

    the only excetion made by the holy prophet (saw) is that isa ibn maryam (same jesus who is from bani israel) will return before the day of judgement.

    hence there is no new prophets after muhammad (saw) since muhammad (saw) is the last appointed and last born prophet.

    • Mr. Parvez! the way you mentioned the name of the Mother of the Believers, Hadhrat Ayesha (ra) is very disrespectful. You should watch your words next time. Secondly, her statement is not weak and found in one of the most authentic books of ahadith, Musannaf Ibn-e-Abi-Sheba with complete and strong chain of narrations. If you have not heard about this book, it is your fault. I wish I could attach the reference here but if you email me I can send it to you.

      Secondly, the Holy Qur`an explicitly states two things:

      (a) Hadhrat Isa (as) son of Mary has died and that dead do not come back to this world or raised again before the Day of Judgment; and

      (b)A Messenger shall certainly come “AFTER” the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) to testify the Book and the Wisdom given to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw). See 3:82 (81 in case you do not count “Bismillah” as the first verse.

  14. Parvez last means who dies last. You can have your own opinion but not your own facts.

    You may as well stop obsessing over “last” and focus on would the second coming of Jesus make more sense in person or in metaphor.

    Unfortunately, you are obsessed with the idea of having a 2000 or 2500 old man to insist on your biases.

    There is another part to this equation. God will hold you accountable also for your judgments and misjudgments.

  15. then zia wht do ahmadis mean that the so called 2nd messiah is sometimes adam, ya’qub, musa and ibraheem? where did u get this from?

    many ahmadis have yet to answer my question…. are there more prophets yet to come? if so, what is the signs and criteria for such prophets??

    also stop misinterpretating the verse in surah jumu’a! there is no mention of 2nd coming of prophet Muhammad (saw)….

    regarding Allah (swt) judging my beliefs regarding isa ibn maryam on the last day; i will insha Allah say that i followed the apparent meanings of the quran and ahadith. i will believe that the quran and hadith is clear and not some secret book of codes that requires to contradict the apparent meanings of the verses to get the right beliefs.

  16. Parvez, we can choose to offer whatever excuses we may have to Allah, but, the problem is that He knows our deepest and even the unconscious thoughts and the reasons, why we are stuck in them and living in the jail of our minds.

    This should humble us enough that we try to examine important issues from all possible angles, in a broader perspective, rather than our stubborn fixed and myopic perspective.

  17. @ zia
    instead of giving vague statemnets i woud appreciate if u could answer my questions…

    there has not been any claimant of jesus that has fulfilled the promised prohetic signs as mentioned in the authentic ahadith.

    @ ansar

    hw was i disrespectful, the scholars of hadith have rejected the alleged statement of aysha (which is not found in any authentic praimary hadith books) such as muhammad shawkani, ibn kathir, ahmad shakir, yasir qadhi and other sunni muslim scholars.

    regarding the quranic verse ch 3 vs 81 see;


  18. @ ghulam

    you will be questioned on day of jusgement for lying about the initial verses of Sura Jumu’a. (chater 62)

    there is no verse nor hadith that states that Imam Mahdi is the second coming of Muhammad (saw), this fabricated belief is invented by ahmadism!

  19. @zia

    whats so hard to reply to the questions i asked.

    u gave a link about the high status of the quran which all muslims agree.

    but it doesnt prove anything about your claims of imam mahdi being the founder of ahmadism.

  20. Everyone agrees (and so do I believe as well) that the Holy Scriptures (Holy Quran included) require “Scholarly Comments” to unfold their meanings.

    I have a Question to ask, “Who was the First Commentator of Holy Quran” ?

    Will someone (Mr. Parvez included) like to advise?

    Allah may bless you – All.

  21. From Parvez sahib:
    u gave a link about the high status of the quran which all muslims agree.

    I do not see that every one is agreeing to the high status of the Quran. You are mostly presenting the Hadith to overtake the Quran. But Hadith is to serve the Quran. It is subservient to the Quran and Sunnah.
    We Ahmadi Muslims agree to all Hadith which is not against the quran. But if quran is telling one thing and the Hadith you present tells something else, then we side with the Quran.
    From parvez:
    but it doesnt prove anything about your claims of imam mahdi being the founder of ahmadism.
    Imam mahdi had being told to us by the holy prophet s.a.w.s. and also a Messiah was foretold. The Ahmadism has been created by you.

    In year 1893 to 1899, all the maulvis were cursing and abusing the Promised man of God. (Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian). The maulvis were ejecting the Ahmadis from the mosques. They were vehemently accusing and abusing the Ahmadis.
    In year 1901,, there was a census in India. Since the maulvis and main line muslims disowned the Ahmadi Muslims, hazrat Aqdas found it necessary to give a name to the Ahmadi Community. The Ahmadi Muslims were written down in census as “Musalman fiqah Ahmadiyah.”

    I also inform parvez sahib that about 500 years ago, a great saint, reformer, the first Mujaddid of next thousand years, hazrat Ahmad Sirhindi, Mujaddid Alf Thani Rh.a. had informed as follows:

    “There is something which Allah has told to me only. IN NEAR FUTURE, The system of Muhammadiyat will be transformed (changed) into Ahmadiyat.”

    So what do you say, parvez sahib? Do you believe that Allah is speaking to his chosen servants in these days? Please reply.

  22. I am late in replying to questions of parvez sahib of 30 october. The questions were:

    1. wht do u mwan by stating that ur sect’s founder is sometimes ya’qub, adam and sometime musa?
    2. wht do u mean by second coming of prophet Muhammad(saw)??
    3. where did u get such fabricated beliefs from? since they have no basis in the quran nor sunnah.

    4. also the ahmadis always talk about prophets coming from the ummah of Muhammad (saw), then that means there are more prophets to come?? wht are the signs and criteria for such prophets that are yet to come??

    My answers:
    A1. We believe that Allah spoke to the Imam Mahdi a.s. He is a prophet of some kind. That is why he says, “He is sometimes ya’qub, adam and sometime musa?” i.e. he is a prophet of Allah.

    A2. Please read first few verses of Surah Juma where it is stated “[62:3] He it is Who has raised among the Unlettered people a Messenger from among themselves who recites unto them His Signs, and purifies them, and teaches them the Book and wisdom, although they had been, before, in manifest misguidance;


    [62:4] And among others from among them who have not yet joined them. He is the Mighty, the Wise.

    Verse 62:3 is telling s that it is Allah who raised a messenger (Muhammad) amongst the unlettered (Ummee) people (The Arabs)from amongst themselves who recites unto them His Signs, and purifies them,……
    Then read next verse 62:4 which says that (He will raise him) among others from among them who have not yet joined them….. He is the Mighty the Wise.

    It is reported in these verses that the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. will be raised (sent) to some other (aakhareen) people who have not yet joined the fold of the Sahabah….
    You are always interested in Hadith. Please find remarks in Hadith about the last verse,,,,
    There is Hadith in Bukhari: The Sahabah asked the prophet s.a.w.s. about who are those people who are mentioned as Aakhareen minhum,,,,, The prophet s.a.w.s. put his hand on the shoulder of Hazrat Salman Farsi Rz.a. and said, “Even if the faith will disappear and rise away to the Pleiades, one person from his people will bring the faith back to earth.”

    So it means that faith will disappear from earth at some time, like it is now, and some one from the people of Salman Farsi Rz.a. will be raised (sent) to bring the faith back to earth. His coming will be as if it will be the coming of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. It also means that he will be a non-Arab.

    If you read the next verse 62:5, you will find that it is complete choice of Allah to whom He gives His Grace. It could be any one.

    I had mentioned here on forum a writing of Hazrat Shah Waliullah Dehlavi, the reformer of 11 century Hijra. He has written that “people think that when he will come, he will be an ordinary person of this Ummah. No, he will be a true (Ditto) copy of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s.”

    Now, you should know why we consider the coming of the Promised Messiah and Imam mahdi a.s. as the coming of our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s.
    I have tried to explain and answer your questions. Please try to read gently and carefully. Thanks.

  23. the quran and hadith only mention of one prophet that will have second coming; that is jesus the son of mary.

    the surah jumu’a mention that prophet Muhammad (saw) was sent to all of humanity including arabs and non arabs.


    its clear from hadith that Imam Mahdi will be from ahle bayt thus he will be arab, imam mahdi will be given pledge in makkah and settle in jerusalem after the defeat of dajjal.

    The quran is very clear that Muhammad (saw) is the last appointed prophet as mentioned in ch 33 vs 40.

    @ ghulam
    another fabrication you have come up with that somehow saints have predicted that ahmadism is the right system.

    rather the prophet (saw) that the best of generations were the the early generations. and the congregation of the early generation were muslims that followed ahle sunnah. also the reformer of islam such as ibn taymiya, ibn hajr and suyuti have clearly stated that Imam mahdi will be from the progeny of Muhammad (saw0 as mentioned in hadith and that imam mahdi will be given bay’at between the kab’ah and station of abraham.

    also you didnt answer my last question of prophets that are yet to come?

    there is no reincarnation in islam. Imam Mahdi is not second coming anyone one else!

  24. Parvez sahib, I had replied to all your questions except question number 4. I intend to do that soon, Insha Allah.

    I wanted to know if you believe in the reformers (Mujaddideen). There is a Hadith that “Allah will raise a person at the head of every century who will revive (reform) the Deen.”
    This is an important question. Please answer.

    You are presenting to me Ibne Taimiah, Ibne Hajr and Suyuti. I had presented to you the words of two well known reformers (Mujaddid) of 11th and 12th century Hijra.
    One was Mujaddid Alf Thani rh.a. who, 500 years ago, informed about transformation of Muhammadiyat into Ahmadiyat. He said that it was told only to him by Allah. Do you believe that Allah is telling things?

    The other was from the Mujaddid of 12th century Hijra, hazrat Shah Waliullah Dehlavi. “That the person who will come, will not be an ordinary person of the Ummah. He will be a true (ditto) copy of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s.”
    You have not spoken anything about these two matters. Please help to correspond. Thank you.

    I will try to present the reply to your fourth question about the future prophets coming only from the Ummah of Muhammad s.a.w.s.

  25. the hadith in sunan abu dawud states that Imam mahdi will be from ahle bayt and he will have similar character to Muhammad (saw). This is what shah walilullah (sunni muslim scholar) was reffering to.

    It doesnt mean that there is a 2nd coming of Muhammad (saw)!

    regarding Mujaddid Alf Thānī he was a sunni muslim scholar and there is no mysterious statement of him that somehow the religion will transform and radically change to ahmadism!! Mujaddid Alf Thānī followed the islamic thought of ahle sunnah; a historically established fact.

  26. I don’t understand what is the point of being the Last Prophet?If you are last one to enter any place does it make you special.

  27. Shah Waliullah Dehlavi Rha. had said:
    “We understand by Khatam an Nabiyyeen that no law bearing prophet will come after Muhammad s.a.w.s.”
    ” Simple people say that when he (Messiah) will come, he will be an ordinary person of this Ummah. Far from that. He will be a ditto copy of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s.”
    If the promised one will be a ditto copy then what is the difference between him and his Master Muhammad s.a.w.s.?? Pervez people should try to understand that.
    Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi rh.a. had, in a letter, informed that in the near future, the reality of Muhammadiyat will transform into shape of Ahmadiyat. It meant that Muslims will be well known as Ahmadi Muslims and Islam will get support from Ahmadiyat in Islam.
    Shaikh sahib was a reformer (Mujaddid) of the 11th century and Shah Waliullah sahib was the reformer of the 12 century Hijra.
    Pervez people should pay attention to old time Muslim scholars.
    Pervez does not believe that Isa son of Maryam has died. That matter is clearly mentioned in Quran. How they will care for any other thing!

  28. Why accused Sunni of a fallacy Doctrine.You are no indifferent?You are of the same flock “Virgin Birth worshippers.”You of all sects beliefs Mirza Gulam Ahmad is the return of Jesus,is not his father’s name was Mirza Ghulam Murtaza?
    But Jesus is fatherless?Is not that sufficient to prove he is a false claiment?And all Ahmadies has proven hyprocrites so is all virgin birth believers.Allah has no place for virgin birth deifers!!!and they will be kicked from door to door till the end of time.

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