It’s Intellectuals who need to run society.

One of the ills of democracy is that decision making is driven by the opinions of the majority – those who may not be well equipped in the art of running the government. If we could overcome this, we could enjoy all the joys of democracy and avoid all the downsides. One of the ways to do this is to have more intellectuals in Parliament and fewer politicians.

Much of Western Europe is in trouble because of the short-sighted policies adopted by its politicians. Their inability to take tough decisions in time. Now, more and more countries are relying on experts to help sort out the problem.


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  1. Yes, democracy is over-rated. Decisions are made in relationship to ‘what is the percentage of votes I will get if I make this decision’ and not depending on what is good for the country.

    The result we are seeing now. Debt crises. Economic collapse (to come)…

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