Day: December 28, 2011

تمام مزہب ایک انسان کو دوسرے انسان سے نفرت کی نہیں باہمی محبت کی تلقین کرتے ہیں

قادیان میں جماعت احمدیہ کے ١٢٠ ویں سالانہ اجلاس سے مختلف پیشوایان مذاہب کا خطاب Read more: Editor’s note: Sorry English translation is not available, try Google translator or some other software.  This news is about various speakers from different religions, emphasizing that all religions teach mutual love among humanity, […]

Italy’s Borrowing Costs Drop Sharply at Auction — Italy’s short-term borrowing costs were halved Wednesday at an auction of government bills, easing the immediate pressure on the country’s economy. The sale of €9 billion, or $11.8 billion, of six-month Treasury bills was seen as the first post-holiday pointer to condition of the beleaguered euro zone.  Read […]

Measure of Fear

Source: Spiegel Germany. Banks Bunker Hundreds of Billions in Deposits at ECB The Central Bank headquarters in Frankfurt: Last week’s action to flood the financial markets with cash appears to have had little effect. Just before Christmas, the European Central Bank flooded the financial markets with 500 billion euros — […]