Day: December 17, 2011

Depression and Democracy

Source: New Yorktimes as intimated by Nasim Malik of Sweeden. It’s time to start calling the current situation what it is: a depression. True, it’s not a full replay of the Great Depression, but that’s cold comfort. Unemployment in both America and Europe remains disastrously high. Leaders and institutions are […]

Muslims to form ‘i-mosque’ network

The Jakarta Post JAKARTA: The Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals Association (ICMI) says it wants to develop a digital “i-mosque” network to expand the role of the nation’s mosques. “It is an effort to build an Islamic civilization,” ICMI chairman Ilham Akbar Habibie said on Thursday as quoted by as quoted by […]

Flooding Kills Scores in Southern Philippines

NY Times: “The rivers flooded and washed through villages,” said Col. Leopoldo Galon, a military spokesman. “Soldiers conducting search-and-rescue operations are finding bodies in all areas, in homes, rivers, off shore, in the street. Casualties are everywhere.” The flooding was triggered by tropical storm Washi, which hit the southern Philippine […]

Mine jobs protest for 33 Chilean women

Thirty-three women in Chile have shut themselves in a mine after a government jobs programme that helped the victims of last February’s earthquake ended. The women, in an echo of the story of the 33 trapped and then rescued miners, went into a former coal mine 500km (300 miles) south […]