Persecution of Ahmadis in the Islamic Republic

By Yasser Latif Hamdani esq.

The basic premise on which we won ourselves Pakistan was that a permanent majority cannot and should not dominate a permanent minority on account of numeric strength. Yet contrary to that founding logic, Pakistan is today legally a totalitarian fundamentalist theocracy

A fresh round of hate has been unleashed against the hapless Ahmediyya community once again. A young woman has been expelled from her university for daring to stand up to hate speech against her community on campus in Lahore. In Rawalpindi, ignorant and boorish mobs have been agitating to close down an Ahmedi ‘place of worship’ for being ‘unconstitutional’. In other words, practising their own faith in their own space is deemed unconstitutional by a mob that has probably never opened the constitution. All the while this community goes on praying and fasting for Pakistan, where a majority continues to persecute them for believing differently. Read more

The writer is a lawyer based in Lahore. He is also a regular contributor to the Indian Law




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  1. This mindless persecution is bound to continue. As Ahmadiyat shall keep on progressing there shall come a day when this persecution will be backed by super powers like America and Russia and China and other economic and political mega states.This is part of the journey of Truth on which we are moving. Despite all this opposition the progress of Ahmadiyat for the last one hundred and twenty on years is enough to open the eyes of the seeker of Truth. Ahmadiyat is the True Islam and it is bound to be opposed by the forces of evil as indicated clearly in the Holy Qura’n.

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