Day: December 3, 2011

France withdraws embassy staff from Iran

France is repatriating a number of diplomats and their families from Iran following an attack on the British embassy in Tehran. French officials said the move was a temporary security measure. Britain expelled 25 Iranian diplomats following Tuesday’s attack, when hundreds stormed the British embassy. British officials say the attack […]

Honey the Healer

By Manzurul A. Sikder, M.D. New York, USA This was originally published in JAMMA in 2007 Foreword by Zia H Shah: The Holy Quran urges us to reflect on the Laws of Nature.   It draws examples from cosmology, geology, biology and physics among other branches of science, as signs for […]

Russia sent military ships to base in Syria

Pravda Ru. 30.11.2011 Russian warships were sent to the military base in Syria. The fleet is led by the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov. Included also are a patrol vessel and other vessels. The Russian government announced Tuesday that from December, a flotilla of warships will be sent to the naval […]