30% of Saudi student scholars in US are women


JEDDAH: Women account for a third of the 47,000 Saudi students on the King Abdullah foreign scholarship program in the United States, according to an official from the Saudi mission in the US.

Assistant Cultural Attaché for Administrative and Financial Affairs at the US Embassy in Washington Abdul Ramhan bin Muhammad Al-Subayyil said the seventh year of the King Abdullah Scholarship Project for Studies Abroad, which commenced a few days ago, enrolled 6,300 new students to join US universities.

Six years ago, when the project started in 2005, there were only 2,500 students subscribed and the present figures reveal how much they have increased in the US alone, he added. Director of Cultural and Social Affairs at the mission Moudi Al-Khalaf said in a statement earlier that the number of Saudi women students in the US was not that significant compared to other countries where Saudi students are studying.

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