Day: December 19, 2011

Exhibition promotes peaceful Islam

Source: Winnipeg Free Press Members of a local mosque are holding an open house at the Millennium Library to demonstrate that Islam is a faith of peace. The Holy Qur’an Exhibition opened Sunday afternoon and continues today and Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. “One of our campaigns is […]

Fed close to new financial buffers for banks

Source / Courtesy: Yahoo news WASHINGTON (CNNMoney) — The Federal Reserve is expected this week to release a set of proposed rules detailing how much reserve capital big banks will need to keep on hand in the future. Wall Street is watching the rulemaking closely. Higher capital cushions would directly […]

The greatest mystery

Source:  TOI on line. On a big news week like the last one – US out of Iraq, Britain out of Europe, Europe out of money – one could be forgiven for missing the fact that scientists may just have discovered the secret of what allows the universe to exist. […]

Christmas from TOI s Perspective!

Source: TOI on line. Christmas – celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ Christmas or Christmas Day is an auspicious religious festival for Christians. It is being celebrated every year on the specified date December 25 with great fervor to commemorate the birth and life of Lord Jesus Christ. Christians on […]

How Iran outsmarted the US on Iraq

Source: Asiatimes. By Gareth Porter WASHINGTON – United States Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s suggestion that the end of the US troop presence in Iraq was part of a US military success story ignores the fact that the George W Bush administration and the US military had planned to maintain a […]

The Kim is dead, long live the Kim!

Source:Asiatimes. North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, whose death at 69 was officially announced on Monday, had been expected to beat the United States to the punch with a “moratorium” on missile and nuclear tests in exchange for US food aid. Now all bets are off as North Korea goes into […]