How Iran outsmarted the US on Iraq

Source: Asiatimes.

By Gareth Porter

WASHINGTON – United States Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s suggestion that the end of the US troop presence in Iraq was part of a US military success story ignores the fact that the George W Bush administration and the US military had planned to maintain a semi-permanent military presence in Iraq.

The real story behind the US withdrawal is how a clever strategy of deception and diplomacy adopted by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in cooperation with Iran outmaneuvered Bush and the US military leadership and got the US to sign the US-Iraq withdrawal agreement.


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  1. Unfortunately the “Iran” struggle is far from over.
    (US/Iran, Saudi/Iran, Israel/Iran/ etc.), but, yes, this ‘battle’ seems to have been won by the Iranian/Iraqi side.

    I have spent nearly 9 years also commuting up and down to Iraq and worked very closely together with Iraqis of all backgrounds. Of course they are a very diverse nation – like most nations of course. May Allah grant them peace and prosperity…

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