Day: December 12, 2011

New Niqab Rules Ban Muslim Face Coverings During Canadian Citizenship Ceremonies OTTAWA — The Conservative government’s announcement Monday that it will prevent Muslim women from wearing face coverings during citizenship ceremonies is being met with applause from a group of moderate Muslims calling for a Canadian ban on niqabs and burqas and total rejection from another group saying it is […]

Excessive Running Triggers Heart Damage

Jogging or running could be said as a favorite exercise for most people. Without requiring a lot of equipment and cost, jogging effectively improve health carequality. But, if you like jogging, you should notice the rhythm and duration. Studies at the University of Melbourne, Australia, shows, excess rhythm and duration likemarathon running, actually increase […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Body Language

Here’s what you might not know: 1) Men can tell if women are fertile by the way they walk and psychopaths can tell who is a good victim by their stride. 2) You can learn to be more charismatic. 3) Hand position can signal power or submissiveness. 4) There are types of body language that are better when you’re […]

Lowe’s Pulls Ads from TLC Show ‘All-American Muslim’

courtesy: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images UPDATED: But a TLC rep says: “There is strong advertising support for the show.” NEW YORK – Retail giant Lowe’s has pulled advertising from Discovery Communications-owned TLC’s reality show All-American Muslim. all-american-muslim-sneak-peek The conservative Florida Family Association in a statement said it has sent […]

Access undeniable

Source:TOI Theoretically, it is not impossible to pre-screen user-generated content. Many websites do it. Most news sites, for example, have a system in place for readers ‘ comments. To read and approve each comment, they employ dedicated staff. However, applying the same rules to the web in general and websites […]

Iran looks to its allies

Source: Asia times. Iran is facing ominous rhetoric and deadly explosions as the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia step up efforts to open Iran’s nuclear facilities to inspection. Tehran is gauging its support from abroad. Syria, a longstanding ally, is in turmoil and Hezbollah in Lebanon would be of […]