Day: December 22, 2011

Is it rational to believe in God?

Jakarta Post The world’s most famous physicist Prof. Stephen Hawking has declared that God does not exist. Hawking joins the opinion of several other world-class scientists like Richard Dawkins, Peter Atkins, James Watson, Victor Stenger and many others who deny the existence of God in the name of the latest […]

Ahmadiyya Youth going Door to Door

Source; Peterborough Examiner Door to Door Muslims A group of 36 young Muslims from Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Canada will visit Peterborough on Saturday and Sunday, going door to door to educate people about the teachings of Islam and dispel any misconceptions about their religion. Over the last 12 […]

AMYA volunteers bring message of PEACE

Credit; Chris Abbott Source; Tillsonburg Independent The message Saturday was peace. A group of 12 volunteers from Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Canada (AMYA), an auxiliary wing of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, visited Tillsonburg Saturday to spread their message. “It’s a good day today, not too cold,” said Sadqat Chaudhary of […]

Preachers hail UAE’s religious tolerance

DUBAI: Christian residents here must count their blessings – including the freedom of worship in the UAE – more than their personal troubles in order to live the message of the season, said preachers in the run-up to Christmas. “We are all just visitors, minorities here,” the Rev Fr Tom Veneracion, […]

Solve the Pakistan problem by redrawing the map- Create Baluchistan Relations between the United States and Pakistan have reached an all-time low. The Khyber Pass is closed to NATO cargo, U.S. personnel were evicted from Shamsi airbase and Pakistani observers have been recalled from joint co-operation centres. Much more importantly, senior officials in Washington now know that Pakistan has […]

To complain or not to complain?

A car struck two men and killed one and maimed the other. the maimed one sat up and started filling the sky cursing the driver to Allah and begging retribution and finally the driver was unnerved and pleaded “i just maimed you a little and you’re sitting there cursing me, […]