US, Pakistan share blame for NATO attack: Reports

The Muslim Times’ Editor for Pakistan

Credit: Xpress Tribune

Published: December 22, 2011

WASHINGTON: The American and Pakistani forces both are to be blamed for the November 26 Nato airstrike that left 24 Pakistani soldiers dead, revealed a United States investigation.

American and Western officials on the condition of anonymity told New York Times that retaliation from allied forces of US and Afghanistan was justified because the Pakistani forces initiated the fire.

The officials revealed that Nato did not inform Pakistan that they were about to launch an operation on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. This resulted in the Pakistani forces opening fire on them.

The Wall Street Journal said that the military investigation revealed that the US-led forces had presumed that no personnel from the Pakistani forces were present when they launched the operation.

A US military official also said that “the overarching issue that surrounds this incident is a lack of trust” between the US and Pakistan.

Revelations from the military probe, placing blame on both the US and Pakistani forces, could further enrage Islamabad as, since the incident, Pakistan has maintained that the move on its part was justified and that Pakistani forces did not fire the first shots.

The American and Western officials said that the US military investigation report also shunned the accusations from Pakistani forces were “intentionally and repeatedly” targeted by the allied forces on November 26.


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  1. The Pakistan’s Soldier were not ordered to fight back NATO forces, as spoke by the chief of Army Staff.
    It is not acceptable. Some body is killing them and they are waiting for order to fight back.

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