Day: December 1, 2011

Oil’s up, gas is down. Why?

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Those anxiously watching the rally in U.S. oil prices over the past few weeks have received a pleasant surprise at the pump: while oil has shot upward, gasoline is moving in the opposite direction. The moves may seem counter-intuitive, since crude oil is used to produce […]

Peace Conference in Kansas City

Religious leaders and more than 100 people from different religions came together today to help people better understand the Muslim community. The purpose of the conference was to spread love and harmony. More than ten speakers from different religious communities spoke at the conference. Since respect for all prophets is […]

Paris pitches for foreign Christmas shoppers

  Tuesday 29 November 2011 By RFI Paris aims to attract hundreds of thousands more visitors to the French capital during the Christmas period with the launch of ‘Shopping by Paris’. The initiative offers visitors reductions on restaurants, accommodation and cultural events in an attempt to rival cities like London recently […]